Friday, November 5, 2010

Need to find some motivation~

I weighed in today and lost 1 pd. Its all good. I feel really unmotivated right now for some reason so I was happy with a loss. I really don't know what to say-I want to eat all day and not exercise. It may be the weather I don't know. Its freaking freezing here and I have lost my mojo.

On a brighter note my mom is coming today til Sunday. Its not really for the best reason cause she is basically being forced to move back to Canada. My mother and Stepfather have both had surgeries and medical problems over the last couple of years and financially they can't take the risk of accumulating more bills. In Canada their medical will be taken care of so its a no-brainer.
They actually should have moved years ago but its a hard decision to make.

She is actually going to be even harder to visit now because she will be like 14 hours away via car and boat while right now she is 6 hrs away-bummer~

Anyways she will be here for 2 days and hopefully back in a couple of weeks to go down for black Friday with Cole & I.

Here's hoping we all find the motivation we need this week~