Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for the comments and for not giving up on me. I don't really know whats going on with my head right now but I'm just not feeling it.

It being the gusto for losing weight. What to eat, how much, measuring, blogging, exercising, etc has been something I have been struggling with.

The reason I guess is that I've been dieting on a off for over half my life and I'm still fat. I know I have made great strides and that has pleased me but I just can't explain.

Right now is when most people would be going nuts to lose weight for the wedding and all I want to do is eat-what is wrong with me? I feel like I've gained about 15 pounds in the last month and honestly I'm afraid to get on the scale.

In the last month I've had a big fight with my mom because she couldn't come to get my wedding dress with me-something we had planned since January and I went to get my dress all by myself. I'm so in love with it but something that was supposed to be a happy day was just a wash. I know I shouldn't be complaining-many people have it a lot worse-maybe I am just super hormonal-who knows?

Anyways I am going to try and get updated with everyone's blogs-missed you all so much-my computer is on and off on the fritz so it may take days-haha.

Love you all