Friday, May 28, 2010

A pound down~

Woo hoo-I lost a pound. So happy. Tonight I'm not doing overtime again and I'm so happy. I gave Cole his birthday present and he was really excited.

His Dad did leave a depressing sounding message on his birthday and later Cole called him back and asked him if he was going to come in for his birthday but his dad said he couldn't because its so hard with Adam.

What a freak. He hasn't spoken to his son in two months and he gets an invite and declines it-where are his priorities? We do get to read on facebook all about his father Wheeling and fishing with Cole's sister though so that is really nice. His mother squeezed out 15 mins on a break at work for him. These people are too much.

This evening we are having Kelly & Rodney over for supper. I'm making Spaghetti & Meatballs, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad, & Apple Crisp. Not low fat but I'll be using my flex points. I love feeding people who appreciate it-it feels good.

Have a great weekend peeps~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday and a Recipe~

Well Cole's Birthday is finally here-the only thing-the tickets are not-boo. I'm printing my confirmation out in case they don't arrive today-haha-oh well.

I'm anxious to see if his family will call for his birthday and whether or not he will get into it with his dad-only time will tell I guess.

Yesterday I got home from work and after being on the computer a bit I did my Wii Fit-burned over 300 calories and all in the comfort of air conditioning-didn't stop me from sweating though-holy running in place can wear you out.

Anyways I tried another recipe from ww online-Chicken Parmigiana-here are the pics:

You take a pound of chicken and flatten it with a malletDip it in two egg whites-and then in 1/2 bread crumbs with 1 tbsp Italian seasoningFry it in 1tsp of olive oil until no longer pick on the inside-four mins per sidePour 1/2 cup of pasta sauce in an 8 inch square pan and place chicken on top, spread with another cup of sauce and then sprinkle with 1/2 mozza cheese and 1 tbsp Parmesan cheese ( I only had cheddar)I paired it with peas and a red baked potato. So Yummy~Makes 4 servings 5 pts each-One thing that is definitely impressing me with the recipes is that I enjoy all them and I find the portions are pretty decent for the pts ratio.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cole's Birthday weekend-pic heavy post~

Well we are having the hottest weekend possible-it is 27 degrees Celsius here and that is hot-hot-hot. We had a busy weekend and I even managed to get sick.

Friday we laid low as we knew Saturday would be busy we slept, ate and watched a few episodes of Nurse Jackie-awesome show, by the way.

Saturday we got up super early and got ready, went to the mall and then headed out to pick up Cole's brother Adam from respite.

Adam loves mustangs more than anything so we took him to the car lots to check them out. We grabbed him a blizzard and came here to play the Wii.

After a while we took him to feed the ducks. We had a really great time.Before we headed out for Cole's Birthday supper I got Cole to take a couple of pics for me for my blog-suggestion by my dear friend Katie J.We went to Cole's favorite restaurant The Rogue. We had some good food and a few drinks, had a great time but next time we will probably celebrate at home-can get quite expensive.
On Sunday we went to Cora's with Kelly & Rodney to continue the birthday celebration. It was their first time there and they were super impressed. I don't know if I was still feeling my liquor or giddy about my order-haha. I ordered the Strawberry Waffle but didn't eat all of it. I didn't do too hot with the calories this weekend though-regrets right.Anyways Kelly & Rodney came back to our place for birthday cake. I couldn't have a piece I was way too stuffed. I usually have one coffee everyday and since Saturday was so hot I didn't have one-big mistake, right around breakfast time on Sunday we realized why I had such a bad headache and afterwards I got a timmies but it was too late. It was almost in migraine mode so once Kelly & Rodney left I threw up. Of course I wouldn't be lucky enough to throw up breakfast-just the coffee-haha.

I started to come around about 4pm-so that kinda sucked since it ruined my Sunday. But all in all we had a great weekend and I can't wait til tomorrow to give Cole his Birthday present.
I just got in from working the holiday and it is super hot outside-way too hot for a walk-I think I will do the Wii with the air conditioner on.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weigh in and a rant~

Well I got weighed this morning and I stayed the same-a victory in my books. Now to keep it together for this weekend and its all good.

Cole turns 26 this Tuesday so we are having a couple of meals out with friends.

I haven't spoken about his parents in a bit and its still a pretty stressful situation. We let bygones be bygones when Cole had talked to his mother. We didn't hear from them for a few weeks and Cole contacted his mother on msn-they spoke for a bit and he told her that we were coming the Saturday of Mothers Day.

We visited her and stayed about an hour-we gave her a gift, etc. She told Cole to suck up his pride and call his father. He said no. Here's the thing. His parents did something to hurt us, we got mad and gave them the silent treatment-but not really cause they never even tried to get a hold of us-they led people to believe they did on facebook.

So Cole has made attempts to talk to them by phoning that time he got his mother and by messaging her on computer a few times, then we went there for mothers day. They have never phoned and he's supposed to constantly make the first move.

Anyways Cole wrote on facebook yesterday that he was excited for this weekend and she wrote "WHY coming to visit your father? It would be nice." I honestly can't get over these people-I think they may have problems. My family and friends on my facebook probably think we are dragging this out but they haven't tried to call or talk once-it is so frustrating.

We do not want to have relationships with people when we are the only ones trying. I'm just so angry and if they don't do anything for Cole's birthday I might lose it. I know I won't have a scrap of respect for them anymore.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Realization and a Recipe

This week flew by so fast. I've been hoping to fit in more time for reading and writing blogs but I really don't know where the days go.

I get up at 3:30 am, shower, have breakfast, check emails, then I'm off to work. I work 5am to 1:30pm, walk home, sometimes I exercise, do dishes, pack lunches, make supper, eat and go to bed. So boring-haha.

I really don't know how my weigh in will be tomorrow-right now on the Wii it says I lost 1/2 pd for the week. I've struggled a bit-I think because my tom is right around the corner.

I have a sense of calm right now about the whole dieting/exercise thing. I went to lunch with my friend on Monday and I was telling her how it really feels like a lifetime thing for me and I'm okay with it. I may or may not get to goal but I will strive for it and just enjoy the journey.

Not to say I'm enjoying portion control, etc but that I won't let it consume my every waking thought. I had a nice burger for lunch and a beer and I enjoyed every minute of it. I can't eat like that all the time of course but I can't live a life without it either and don't want to feel guilty anymore. I'm 33 I've been overweight for the majority of my life and I'm tired of hating myself.

I know I have to overcome the negative self thoughts I've lived with for years but I will try to focus on the accomplishments rather than the disappointments. I'm always the "glass is half full" girl for everyone else so its time to turn that attention to me.

So for some of the positives this week-
  • I've walked on all my breaks at work
  • I did the Wii three times
  • I made a couple of new ww recipes
  • I've tracked points for 4 days
  • I felt really good in my new pants

So here is another recipe from Weight Watchers online that I tried

Chocolate Fudge Cookie Bites:

1/3 cup unsweetened Cocoa 3/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup margarine, softened 4 oz unsweetened applesauce

1 1/2 cups Flour 1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp baking powder 1/4 tsp salt

2 tbsp powdered sugar

Preheat oven to 375. Coat pans with cooking spray.

Place Cocoa, margarine and sugar in a medium bowl, beat with mixer. Add applesauce & vanilla, beat to blend. Stir together flour, baking powder & salt. Stir flour mixture into cocoa mixture by hand.

Shape into 48 marble sized balls. Bake 8 minutes, move to iron rack after 1 min. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

My first batch were a little on the small size and I was disappointed.

I then realized I had made them too small so these were my second batch.So a big one and a little one together would equal 2 pts. They taste like a chocolate timbit which is two points so you get a little bit more for the 2 pts-very tasty-would make them again.Here is two pictures of Pepper-she is a super spoiled and often lazy cat.She can be very prissy too.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Weight loss and a recipe!

Happy Friday morning people. Even though I work overtime tonight I'm still a happy girl because I lost 1 pound this week. Losing 3 weeks in a row is a big accomplishment so I'm thrilled. I've really been digging the recipe section on the Weight Watchers website. I've made 4 or 5 things so far. These are the Mini-Chocolate Chip Cookies.
They are about the size of two of my chubby thumbs. Here is the recipe: 2 tbsp butter, softened 1/8 tsp salt 1/4 tsp baking soda
2 tsp canola oil 1 lg egg white
1/2 cup dark brown sugar 3/4 cup flour
1tsp vanilla 3 oz choc chips (1/2 cup)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Cream together butter, oil & sugar. Add vanilla, salt & egg white & mix.
Mix together flour & baking soda and add to butter mixture. Add choc chips & stir.
Drop rounded 1/2 tsp onto non-stick sheet. Bake approx 6 minutes.
This recipes makes 24 cookies and on the website it says 2 cookies per serving 1pt each. I can't believe that cause they are too good. I'm counting them as 1 pt each til I enter the ingredients in and figure it out for sure. I thought I would add a pic of my crazy cat-hear she is meowing as if her bowl of food was empty-its not-haha.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A package~

Yesterday I got a parcel in the mail from Katie at Katie J is on her way I didn't win a contest on Katie's site or anything she just sent me this out of the goodness of her heart.Here it is-my very own bodybugg. I am really excited to try it. Just need to figure it into my funds. I'm not poor-poor but saving for a wedding is tough. Here's a little message I wrote on the bathroom mirror to Cole. Cole's birthday is on the 25th of May and I am surprising him with two tickets to Lilith Fair and two nights stay at a fancy hotel in Montreal with a nice pool. Cole enjoys Sarah Mclachlan and the girls too so its not just for me-haha. Keeping this a secret is really hard-the days have dragged since I bought the tickets. Cole loves a pool like nobody else in this world so that is why I bought the second night just for the pool-haha.

This week has been good exercise and diet wise. One thing I have really realized about myself is that I can't let the compliments go to my head. I've lost 30 so far and people are finally noticing and I tend to go a bit heavy on the portions once people are telling me how good I look-like its a license to eat or something. I'm getting past this hurdle, one less bite at a time.
Kelly is doing really good in physio and hopefully she will be home in a couple of weeks. I'm really happy that her progress is quick-hopefully she will be out before summer is under way.
Weight Watchers online is really working for me so far and its weird but I actually feel more accountable to myself than ever before. I went for a walk yesterday and I had bought these new black Capri pants and I actually feel good in them-my other pants are super baggy now so they don't feel so hot-I have to get to a second hand shop this weekend to try and find some clothes for this transition period. I can't wear these old pants much longer- a good problem to have.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A great week

Well I managed to do it. I lost 1 1/2 pounds. I am really more proud of this loss than of any other losses I ever had. Why? Because last weekend we went to this camp with friends. And I ate bad. And I ate a lot. No-I'm not proud of that.

What I am proud of is that Monday morning instead of saying oh what the hell I ruined myself anyway and eating more or not exercising I decided to follow my points and exercise and it paid off. The old me who have had a gain-of this I know for sure. On Saturday before going to the camp we went to visit Kelly in the hospital and I fit into this dress (hard to tell its a dress from the pic) Its a size 14 and I haven't fit into it in years. I was super excited-and Cole was too-he loves when I wear dresses and anything girly.He is a pic of my hunny at the campfire-he is buzzed and feeling good-haha-isn't he hot? Here is a pic of us at the camp. I wasn't feeling too bad either-haha
Have a great weekend everyone.