Friday, July 30, 2010


Well I just weighed in and I stayed the same-I'll take it. After the weekend in Montreal I had I broke even. We ate what we wanted but we also walked-a lot.

Montreal is an amazing place. My only regret is that we didn't have more time to really explore it. We left home at 2am. We checked into our hotel around 10am and left to explore. Got back to our hotel around 3 or so-went for a swim and hung out. We were super tired from the long drive -8 hours-so we decided to just eat Tim's in our hotel room. Cole crashed and I watched 4 hours of DC cupcakes, Say yes to the dress and Cake Boss-I was in heaven.
This is the view from our hotel room. We had to change rooms three times by the way-we didn't like the hotel. It was clean and everything but the phone didn't work in the first room and the ac didn't work in the second. Wasn't good ac in the third but by that time we were exhausted from hauling our stuff back and forth-haha. The pool was also freezing-the kind where you cannot get used to it at all.
On Saturday morning we got up and Cole's grandparents came to meet us on the Metro. We didn't know the system so were a bit nervous. It was super easy. We went all the way to their Metro station and they took us around their home. Their home was beautiful and they showed us some stores and stuff but I was really nervous cause they seemed to want us to stay and we still had so much to see. We finally worked it all out and they took us for lunch and then back to the Metro. It was the best meal I ever ate-monte carlo potato-yummy.
We got back to our hotel and freshened up-had major swamp ass-haha. We went to the Basilica, the Botanical Gardens, Insectarium, Olympic Building, Biodome, everywhere.
Late on Saturday evening we came back to the hotel to shower and then dressed up and went down to the main strip with all the restaurants. We ate a roadside cafe and people watched. It was so much fun-they even had street performers.
We came back to our hotel and the city had fireworks-they were amazing.
The view from our hotel at night was really beautiful too.This is me dressed up for Saturday night. I didn't even try to straightened my hair because of the humidity and how curly it goes underneath.Now its a long weekend and we are going to Cole's mothers birthday party - sigh----
Help me make it through.
Update-we went to the party and the family acted normal for a change-haha-

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A whole new goal~

Today I weighted in since we are leaving for Montreal super early (2am) in the morning. I lost 2.5 pds. It probably would be a bit more since in the morning you are supposed to be lighter but I'm stoked anyways.

This past week I've done a little soul searching. I'm really wondering about my lack of motivation when it comes to dieting/exercising, etc. I'm still doing my break time walks at work but other than that I haven't done much. This week I didn't have the time since I've been helping my friend Kelly. She has MS and I've been helping her get to appointments at the hospital (putting her scooter together, etc)

Anyways all this soul searching has lead to a big decision. I've decided to change my goal weight from 128 pds to 150. I think for me it gets really discouraging to have so far to go. It seems never ending and therefore, unattainable. Of course once I get to 150 if I still feel I need to lose more I will continue on.

I'm really happy with this decision. As of today that would mean 65.5 left to go and it would be a total of 95.6 when all is said and done.

We leave for Montreal in the morning and I can't wait to see and do everything-so excited-so loving the hotel website (looks beautiful)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Faced the music~

Well today was the day I decided to finally face the music. After not tracking for a whole month I gained 6 pds. I had thought it was going to be so much more so will I am disappointed in myself I am also relieved. I had myself convinced it was between 12-15 pds and I was so scared it was. My clothing was feeling tight and I just feel super bloated from way too much salt intake but I will work hard to get this back off, quickly.
So yesterday morning at 7am Kelly and Rodney picked us up and we were off to P.E.I-which is Prince Edward Island. This province has been beside me my whole life practically since I grew up in NF, went to school in NS and now live in NB-but I had never been there.
We went to Summerside, Cavendish, Kensington, etc, we had a blast. The only downfall is that we didn't get to go to Green Gables as it's not wheelchair accessible. More places have got to become wheelchair accessible-they are missing out on big time tourism.

Here is Cole & I outside the visitor center.Kelly & Rodney at a restaurant-great food and they even let us plug in Kelly's scooter for a battery charge.P.E.I is famous for Anne of Green Gables, it you haven't read the books or saw the movies you are missing out-Mom & I are obsessed with all things Anne-haha-Here is Cole being a super awesome sport to me-haha. So all in all this vacation was beyond awesome. I still have tons of pics to share later of it all. Hate to go back to work tomorrow but we are only working 4 days and then we are off to Montreal-very exciting again, hate that the concert was cancelled but we will definitely make the best of it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update-I'm pretty much dragging the wagon at this point~

Well here it update. The truth of the matter is that I fell off the wagon. I haven't posted in weeks because I'm ashamed. My family came to visit me and I had the best intentions to follow my plan. I would eat good all week and all the walking would be my exercise.

What actually happened was I allowed myself to only get 3 hours of sleep a night while they were here since mom was staying with us and I have to get up at 3:30am and I only went to my room around 12am. This led to me being way over tired, feeling sick and eating bad.

My aunts stayed for one week and my mom for two. We did have a great time and once I got a bit caught up on sleep on my days off it was better. But right now I'm on vacation and I am afraid to get on the scale. I know its up and I know its a lot. I'm disappointed in myself and I'm also bummed that other people can let it slip for a couple of weeks and not gain as much as me.

Thanks to everyone who commented for all your concern I am so grateful-you are what kept me from reaching for that extra iced capp. Once I get the nerve to face the music I will post the damage :(

I can't wait to read every one's blogs and the only reason I haven't is because mom was staying in our room with the computer and its way to annoying trying to read them off my ipod touch. I so miss everyone.

We did a lot of things while the family was here-the market, shopping, casino, bingo, swimming, bbq's, visiting, kings landing, etc. I so wish my mother would come live here with us. Every time I visit mom or she visits me I get sleep deprived and feel crappy because I only get to see here once or twice a year and don't want to miss a moment, if she lived here I wouldn't have to.

We got on vacation this past Friday and we spent the weekend camping-it was so much fun for sure and we went to Kelly & Rodney's pool yesterday. Today we are babysitting my friends baby and then probably going to the pool. This coming Saturday we are going to P.E.I for the day. I have never been and I can't wait. I wish mom was still here-she would love it so much and she can't get her husband to do anything fun.

Anyways once again thanks for all the concern, I appreciate it so much girls-you rock~