Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My cat got fat.

Today was the first day I took off from exercising in 7 days. I know what you're thinking wow-why isn't she already small? Well the answer is simple-I only really got motivated a week ago. My weigh in is on Friday and I hope to have a good loss. I liken myself to a scared cat when it comes to my weight. It can go many ways. I have a good loss and feel so good about myself that I fall off the wagon, or I don't lose and get so frustrated I fall off the wagon. No seriously that has been my problem in the past, always looking for reasons to give up but now that my wedding on the horizon I can't fail again. Does anyone know where I can get a wedding dress with built in shorts in case my thighs are still rubbing together?

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  1. Oh, I just had to comment -
    I bought a 'shaper' thing... but one that was comfortable. I spent about 50 bucks on it, but itwas worth it because it 'skims' my legs too.. not for the look but for that particular reason. I didn't need shorts underneath.
    But, you've got tons of time - You won't need it by then!