Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flabby Fibbers

I just found out at work that I might be able to get a day shift (5-1:30pm). I have been waiting for this for four years-would rather 8-4 but what can you do? The thing is I love my weight watcher leader and her meeting is 8:30 on fridays. I will have to find another meeting I can love just the same.
What I like about Ann (my fearless leader) is that she is so honest about weight loss and her challenges. She has been at goal for the last 12 years but she still struggles with her love of sweets daily. In the past I ended up quitting weight loss programs because I would be sitting in a room with all these other women and the occasional man and we all have weight issues and we'd be discussing portion control or something and a women who is about 100 pounds over weight is like 3 ozs of chicken is so much I couldn't even eat it if I tried. WHAT? I find that hard to believe-I could probably de-bone a chicken in one sitting. What a strange thing to lie about.
Anyways I walked 6 times this week and even up this huge hill that you would have thought was everest by the way I sweat, my weigh in is tomorrow-yay.

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