Friday, July 30, 2010


Well I just weighed in and I stayed the same-I'll take it. After the weekend in Montreal I had I broke even. We ate what we wanted but we also walked-a lot.

Montreal is an amazing place. My only regret is that we didn't have more time to really explore it. We left home at 2am. We checked into our hotel around 10am and left to explore. Got back to our hotel around 3 or so-went for a swim and hung out. We were super tired from the long drive -8 hours-so we decided to just eat Tim's in our hotel room. Cole crashed and I watched 4 hours of DC cupcakes, Say yes to the dress and Cake Boss-I was in heaven.
This is the view from our hotel room. We had to change rooms three times by the way-we didn't like the hotel. It was clean and everything but the phone didn't work in the first room and the ac didn't work in the second. Wasn't good ac in the third but by that time we were exhausted from hauling our stuff back and forth-haha. The pool was also freezing-the kind where you cannot get used to it at all.
On Saturday morning we got up and Cole's grandparents came to meet us on the Metro. We didn't know the system so were a bit nervous. It was super easy. We went all the way to their Metro station and they took us around their home. Their home was beautiful and they showed us some stores and stuff but I was really nervous cause they seemed to want us to stay and we still had so much to see. We finally worked it all out and they took us for lunch and then back to the Metro. It was the best meal I ever ate-monte carlo potato-yummy.
We got back to our hotel and freshened up-had major swamp ass-haha. We went to the Basilica, the Botanical Gardens, Insectarium, Olympic Building, Biodome, everywhere.
Late on Saturday evening we came back to the hotel to shower and then dressed up and went down to the main strip with all the restaurants. We ate a roadside cafe and people watched. It was so much fun-they even had street performers.
We came back to our hotel and the city had fireworks-they were amazing.
The view from our hotel at night was really beautiful too.This is me dressed up for Saturday night. I didn't even try to straightened my hair because of the humidity and how curly it goes underneath.Now its a long weekend and we are going to Cole's mothers birthday party - sigh----
Help me make it through.
Update-we went to the party and the family acted normal for a change-haha-


  1. Hope it went well. Anxious for an update *hint, hint*

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! You look so pretty in red!

    Thank god for a normal night with the in laws ;-)