Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update-I'm pretty much dragging the wagon at this point~

Well here it is....my update. The truth of the matter is that I fell off the wagon. I haven't posted in weeks because I'm ashamed. My family came to visit me and I had the best intentions to follow my plan. I would eat good all week and all the walking would be my exercise.

What actually happened was I allowed myself to only get 3 hours of sleep a night while they were here since mom was staying with us and I have to get up at 3:30am and I only went to my room around 12am. This led to me being way over tired, feeling sick and eating bad.

My aunts stayed for one week and my mom for two. We did have a great time and once I got a bit caught up on sleep on my days off it was better. But right now I'm on vacation and I am afraid to get on the scale. I know its up and I know its a lot. I'm disappointed in myself and I'm also bummed that other people can let it slip for a couple of weeks and not gain as much as me.

Thanks to everyone who commented for all your concern I am so grateful-you are what kept me from reaching for that extra iced capp. Once I get the nerve to face the music I will post the damage :(

I can't wait to read every one's blogs and the only reason I haven't is because mom was staying in our room with the computer and its way to annoying trying to read them off my ipod touch. I so miss everyone.

We did a lot of things while the family was here-the market, shopping, casino, bingo, swimming, bbq's, visiting, kings landing, etc. I so wish my mother would come live here with us. Every time I visit mom or she visits me I get sleep deprived and feel crappy because I only get to see here once or twice a year and don't want to miss a moment, if she lived here I wouldn't have to.

We got on vacation this past Friday and we spent the weekend camping-it was so much fun for sure and we went to Kelly & Rodney's pool yesterday. Today we are babysitting my friends baby and then probably going to the pool. This coming Saturday we are going to P.E.I for the day. I have never been and I can't wait. I wish mom was still here-she would love it so much and she can't get her husband to do anything fun.

Anyways once again thanks for all the concern, I appreciate it so much girls-you rock~


  1. No matter the damage, I'm glad you had a good time with your mom and aunts! At least you were HAPPY in your "time off" and you came back! And you're dragging the wagon - you haven't abandoned it! You're still ok! :D

  2. Nice to see your post! I agree with Kat. You are here. You admitted you made a mistake now you just need to fact the music and move forward.

    What is P.E.I.?

  3. Thanks girls-pei is prince Edward island- ever see Anne of green gables? She was from pei!

  4. Shame on you! For making us worry. =) I missed you too. Tell Cole you should move to Missouri and live by me so we can work out all the time. It would be FAR Away from the in-laws. (Tempting-eh?)

  5. Man that does sound good-haha-to be by you and to have my inlaws far away-I would move tomorrow~

  6. Glad you're back. No need for shame. You can pick up where you left off because all the tools are in place. From your earlier posts, you show that you already know how to eat healthy, how to be patient and how to blog for support and inspiration.