Sunday, July 18, 2010

Faced the music~

Well today was the day I decided to finally face the music. After not tracking for a whole month I gained 6 pds. I had thought it was going to be so much more so will I am disappointed in myself I am also relieved. I had myself convinced it was between 12-15 pds and I was so scared it was. My clothing was feeling tight and I just feel super bloated from way too much salt intake but I will work hard to get this back off, quickly.
So yesterday morning at 7am Kelly and Rodney picked us up and we were off to P.E.I-which is Prince Edward Island. This province has been beside me my whole life practically since I grew up in NF, went to school in NS and now live in NB-but I had never been there.
We went to Summerside, Cavendish, Kensington, etc, we had a blast. The only downfall is that we didn't get to go to Green Gables as it's not wheelchair accessible. More places have got to become wheelchair accessible-they are missing out on big time tourism.

Here is Cole & I outside the visitor center.Kelly & Rodney at a restaurant-great food and they even let us plug in Kelly's scooter for a battery charge.P.E.I is famous for Anne of Green Gables, it you haven't read the books or saw the movies you are missing out-Mom & I are obsessed with all things Anne-haha-Here is Cole being a super awesome sport to me-haha. So all in all this vacation was beyond awesome. I still have tons of pics to share later of it all. Hate to go back to work tomorrow but we are only working 4 days and then we are off to Montreal-very exciting again, hate that the concert was cancelled but we will definitely make the best of it.


  1. One month... Six pounds... Yea, it could definitely be worse. Life happens, and your lifestyle has to reflect that. Do you feel good overall about how you ate during that month? Were you very active?

    How much longer until the wedding, my dear? I love the pics you shared. It sounds like you've been having a great time!

  2. Glad to hear your back! So much easier to get back on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon before putting it all back on as I did! You'll have those 6lbs off again in no time!

    Yay for fun vacations! Great pix!

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