Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cole's Birthday weekend-pic heavy post~

Well we are having the hottest weekend possible-it is 27 degrees Celsius here and that is hot-hot-hot. We had a busy weekend and I even managed to get sick.

Friday we laid low as we knew Saturday would be busy we slept, ate and watched a few episodes of Nurse Jackie-awesome show, by the way.

Saturday we got up super early and got ready, went to the mall and then headed out to pick up Cole's brother Adam from respite.

Adam loves mustangs more than anything so we took him to the car lots to check them out. We grabbed him a blizzard and came here to play the Wii.

After a while we took him to feed the ducks. We had a really great time.Before we headed out for Cole's Birthday supper I got Cole to take a couple of pics for me for my blog-suggestion by my dear friend Katie J.We went to Cole's favorite restaurant The Rogue. We had some good food and a few drinks, had a great time but next time we will probably celebrate at home-can get quite expensive.
On Sunday we went to Cora's with Kelly & Rodney to continue the birthday celebration. It was their first time there and they were super impressed. I don't know if I was still feeling my liquor or giddy about my order-haha. I ordered the Strawberry Waffle but didn't eat all of it. I didn't do too hot with the calories this weekend though-regrets right.Anyways Kelly & Rodney came back to our place for birthday cake. I couldn't have a piece I was way too stuffed. I usually have one coffee everyday and since Saturday was so hot I didn't have one-big mistake, right around breakfast time on Sunday we realized why I had such a bad headache and afterwards I got a timmies but it was too late. It was almost in migraine mode so once Kelly & Rodney left I threw up. Of course I wouldn't be lucky enough to throw up breakfast-just the coffee-haha.

I started to come around about 4pm-so that kinda sucked since it ruined my Sunday. But all in all we had a great weekend and I can't wait til tomorrow to give Cole his Birthday present.
I just got in from working the holiday and it is super hot outside-way too hot for a walk-I think I will do the Wii with the air conditioner on.


  1. It sounds like you guys had a great weekend! I'm sorry to hear you got sick. :( Great pics! You look great, Candace!

  2. Happy B-day Cole. You look like you had a blast! You are definitley losing, I can see it in your faace.