Friday, May 21, 2010

Weigh in and a rant~

Well I got weighed this morning and I stayed the same-a victory in my books. Now to keep it together for this weekend and its all good.

Cole turns 26 this Tuesday so we are having a couple of meals out with friends.

I haven't spoken about his parents in a bit and its still a pretty stressful situation. We let bygones be bygones when Cole had talked to his mother. We didn't hear from them for a few weeks and Cole contacted his mother on msn-they spoke for a bit and he told her that we were coming the Saturday of Mothers Day.

We visited her and stayed about an hour-we gave her a gift, etc. She told Cole to suck up his pride and call his father. He said no. Here's the thing. His parents did something to hurt us, we got mad and gave them the silent treatment-but not really cause they never even tried to get a hold of us-they led people to believe they did on facebook.

So Cole has made attempts to talk to them by phoning that time he got his mother and by messaging her on computer a few times, then we went there for mothers day. They have never phoned and he's supposed to constantly make the first move.

Anyways Cole wrote on facebook yesterday that he was excited for this weekend and she wrote "WHY coming to visit your father? It would be nice." I honestly can't get over these people-I think they may have problems. My family and friends on my facebook probably think we are dragging this out but they haven't tried to call or talk once-it is so frustrating.

We do not want to have relationships with people when we are the only ones trying. I'm just so angry and if they don't do anything for Cole's birthday I might lose it. I know I won't have a scrap of respect for them anymore.


  1. Boo!! Sorry to hear Cole's parents haven't smartened up yet! I would be frustrated too!

    Enjoy your long weekend,and time with friends and make his b-day special in case his parents fall through :)

  2. I'm glad you're happy with your weigh-in! Not gaining weight is def a happy thing!

    Ugh, the evil in-laws... It was very big of you and Cole to get in touch with them for Mother's Day. I can't believe she puts everything on Facebook! UUUUggghhhh, you're a good person, Can!

  3. Sounds like they are pretty unstable to me. Why would you put hurtful things like that on FB about your own family. No tact. Yikes!

    Hang in there Candace and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO COLE FROM KATIE J XOXO

  4. P.S. You will look festive on Cole's birthday so it would be a good time for pictures ;-D