Thursday, May 13, 2010

A package~

Yesterday I got a parcel in the mail from Katie at Katie J is on her way I didn't win a contest on Katie's site or anything she just sent me this out of the goodness of her heart.Here it is-my very own bodybugg. I am really excited to try it. Just need to figure it into my funds. I'm not poor-poor but saving for a wedding is tough. Here's a little message I wrote on the bathroom mirror to Cole. Cole's birthday is on the 25th of May and I am surprising him with two tickets to Lilith Fair and two nights stay at a fancy hotel in Montreal with a nice pool. Cole enjoys Sarah Mclachlan and the girls too so its not just for me-haha. Keeping this a secret is really hard-the days have dragged since I bought the tickets. Cole loves a pool like nobody else in this world so that is why I bought the second night just for the pool-haha.

This week has been good exercise and diet wise. One thing I have really realized about myself is that I can't let the compliments go to my head. I've lost 30 so far and people are finally noticing and I tend to go a bit heavy on the portions once people are telling me how good I look-like its a license to eat or something. I'm getting past this hurdle, one less bite at a time.
Kelly is doing really good in physio and hopefully she will be home in a couple of weeks. I'm really happy that her progress is quick-hopefully she will be out before summer is under way.
Weight Watchers online is really working for me so far and its weird but I actually feel more accountable to myself than ever before. I went for a walk yesterday and I had bought these new black Capri pants and I actually feel good in them-my other pants are super baggy now so they don't feel so hot-I have to get to a second hand shop this weekend to try and find some clothes for this transition period. I can't wear these old pants much longer- a good problem to have.


  1. You sound so happy in this post :)

  2. That's awesome your friend send you the bodybugg! How do you like it so far?

    Cole will be so happy about his birthday surprise! You are such a sweetie, Candace. :)

    Great job staying on track and being healthy! I'm so glad to hear you're working WW online! Woohoo for needing smaller clothes. :)

  3. :) Awww!

    I am jealous you guys are going to Lillith! I love Sarah! Cole is going to LOVE the surprise.

  4. I haven't tried it yet-starting next week-I absolutely love Sarah-she is my girl-I've seen her once before but Cole never has.

  5. What a great friend! I am glad you are doing well on WW.