Monday, March 8, 2010

Exercise recap~

I did the first day of my week. I'm super excited for this week to be over since we will be on vacation starting this Friday.
This weekend we had Cole's brother Adam spending the night. Adam is disabled-he has Autism, Tourettes, and a list of others-he is 30. We played Wii most of the evening and next morning so that was really fun.
A pic of Adam chowing down on baby carrots.On Saturday after Adam left we took a small nap and headed out to our friends Kelly & Rodney's house for supper. It was so good - They made Spaghetti pie, garlic bread, salad and cake. Yum~ We were going to play games and Wii but once we get around chatting the time passes so fast.

I got in a walk on Sat morning and Cole & I went for a walk together on Sun morning-the weather here is so nice right now -its unbelievable.

We emailed out early invites to our friends and family for the wedding just to let people save up money if they wanted to go-its in the Dominican. I'm getting really annoyed with family who want us to marry here or my hometown. I'm about ready to let everyone know once and for all that this is our day and we are doing what we want.

I was so excited to get a package in the mail. I had one a contest over at one of my favorite blogs. Cincimom11
My package included all this :

A digital skipping ropeA super awesome mugTwo huge cans of soup. I love winning stuff :)

Today during work two friends and I walked on our two 15 min breaks around the building, I walked home, went for an hour long walk and did 15 mins on the exercise ball.

I made up a schedule where just about everyday I will walk for at least 30 min and one day I will do 15 min on the ball and the next will be 15 min on arms.

I made a commitment to myself to also take better care of my skin. I've started exfoliating twice a week and applying lotion after my showers. Is there anything like this that you plan on committing too?


  1. I think it must be Spring on the way that is making us feel so good about recommitting to ourselves!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!

    I too have been lazy about lotion and moisturizing so I have been making an effort to do it every time I take a shower.

  3. You're right about the wedding - your wedding, your choice, and people should just respect your wishes. I LOVE eating soup from big mugs like that!! Congrats on winning it! I make half-assed commitments, like "I commit to planning meals/exercise this week" but then I fall off the wagon and don't keep up with it. Grrrrr.

  4. Our family's gave us a hard time about marrying in Vegas too. Everyone wanted to go, but no one could set a date or kept saying they couldn't afford it yet. Finally we set the date, and ended up going alone. I have no regrets. We were getting married for us after all! The domician would be a hoot!!

    Love the digital skipping rope...I want one too!! LOL