Saturday, March 20, 2010

...when you got enemies

Wow-I can't believe how much time I missed blogging-I so need to vent. This was my vacation week and honestly I have never been so stressed. Its a long story so here goes.....

Even before Cole & I got engaged in July we knew we wanted to get married down south. We have several reasons. Our families are from different provinces, we wanted to keep the cost down and we didn't want the worry of entertaining all these people, going to Dominican would solve all those problems because we would be at an all inclusive resort and everyone could entertain themselves.

Anyways Cole's parents went to Mexico last march and were wanting us to get married there we said no cause we wanted to go to a resort that no one at our wedding had ever been too, we wanted everyone to explore it together and have a great time.

A couple of weeks ago we picked the place-it is beautiful and we couldn't wait. We sent the link in an email invitation to 90 people and everyone kept saying how beautiful it was.

Then last week while I was at work Cole called and said his parents called to ask if we would mind if they went to that resort this year. I said yes, of course, I would mind. He told them that he didn't want them to that we wanted everyone to experience it all together next year. Guess what-they booked it anyways. They are there right now.

So the first couple of days of my vacation I spent crying. I've never been so upset. I wrote them a big heartfelt email on Sunday explaining my feelings we didn't get a reply until Thursday and they lied and said they tried to apologize and they listed some things that they have done for us years ago and something about us not visiting them-a bunch of bull to deflect the real issue.

Cole is wholeheartedly upset because he is so embarrassed his own parents would do this to us. We are changing our resort now and our friends and my family keep asking why would they do this to you. The only reason I can even see is that if you go to the same resort two years in a row the second year you go you will be VIP-this is something his mother talks about all the time. You will get free massages, champagne, etc. I'm the bride but she wants to be the most special one there.

Cole's sister is really disappointing us to. The first day I told her what they did she came over and completely agreed with me-she couldn't believe that with us only choosing one resort out of hundreds that they would have to choose ours. Then later we couldn't get a hold of her and when we finally did she said I don't want to get involved. I said sure I understand but then she didn't even call for my birthday or anything. She keeps writing on facebook how she is so happy for them and hoping they are enjoying themselves. I feel sick.
I think we are definitely still in shock about the whole situation. What kind of parents would do this? I let them know in the email too that we told my mother and friends-I hope they get really embarrassed that everyone knows.

My diet hasn't been good this week-But I have walked some. Tomorrow I am back on the wagon. This week has been crappy for a vacation but we did get lots of rest & relaxation in for sure-can't ask for much more than that.


  1. Don't let them ruin your wedding for you. The wedding is about YOU and COLE...don't make it about them honey. Your wedding will be beautiful no matter whare it is and it will be special because it is YOUR wedding.


  2. Ugh! Don't you wish you could tell them to just eat it! Seriously I literally know all the bullshit feelings you are having. I wish I could come over and be there to listen to you. But since I can't I will give the knowledge I have learned about handling evil in-laws.
    1. Don't trust them-Especially mom & daughter. They pretty much always work as a team.
    2. Be polite around them-but never personal.

    I am sorry they ruined your vacation. Channel your anger into a kick as rocking body for your wedding and tell them to go choke on the cake! Big Hugs girl!!

  3. Thanks Girls-I am so gonna kick butt with my workouts and let the pounds fall~

  4. OMG. So frustrating girl. I can't tell you how much I relate. I don't have the same problem, but when I got married...let's just say the in laws created a lot of unnecessary emotions that made me so stressed out. I don't have much advice...but just know that this will soon be over and you will be married and a huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders!

  5. I'm a bit behind in reading your blog, but I'm so sorry to hear this. In laws can suck at times!! This was so unfair and selfish of them. I know it's hard but try not to let them ruin your special time and planning. It is your day no matter what, and don't let anyone stomp on your parade!! ((HUGS))

  6. What a crappy thing for them to do! Girl, you sound pretty calm and sane considering what these people did. Good for you for keeping it together! Ugh. Hang in there!!!! :)

  7. I just read follemedown's comment. I totally agree about the mom and daughter working together as an evil team. I had big problems with my ex-boyfriend's family treating me and the baby like crap. His family was actually my primary reason for breaking up with him after over a year. Family issues SUCK. I'm glad Cole is on your side and is sticking up for you.

  8. yeah for sure-thanks so much for the comments everyone-My stomach has been in knots for days :(