Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well if you read my last post you will know that I spent a lot of my vacation dealing with stress from my in-laws. It hasn't really stopped because my future mother-in-law keeps posting to facebook how nice the resort is and it seems intentional now.

Another stress I dealt with last week on vacation was the dentist. You see I hadn't gone to the dentist in like 11 years. The first few years it was because I didn't have insurance. After that I just kept getting more afraid.

The longer I stayed away the worst my imagination was getting away with me. Anytime I felt a little bit of sensitivity I imagined having to get my entire set of teeth removed. I was so worked up I didn't ever want to find out what exactly was going on.

So a couple of weeks ago I made both Cole & I appointments. The verdict.... I have two cavities. Not so bad. The lesson...... you can sometimes stress way too much about the unknown, its way better to face your fear and move on.

Besides all the stress I've been focused on I wanted to show you my wedding place cards that I made. My wedding colors are apple green and brown: Pretty? I absolutely loved how they came out. I'm so talented-haha. I went for a super long nice walk in the hailstones yesterday-super cold when I got back-jumped right into a hot shower-so nice.


  1. Those are beautiful!

    I'm glad to hear the dentist went well.

  2. You are talented! Don't let all of the stress from the family keep you from enjoying your wedding.

  3. What a biotch!!! That is just not right Candace. Grrrrr...

    Hope things went/go okay at the dentist. I need to make an appt. myself.

    I love the placecards! Apple green is my 2nd fave color next to PINK!!!

    P.S. I will get my sh*t together soon and get your bugg out to you.