Monday, March 29, 2010

Feeling awful~

Tomorrow I have to get seriously motivated to focus on my goals. The last couple of weeks with all the fighting with my in-laws has seriously taken a token on me.

I think all the stress is actually manifesting into itself and affecting my health. Cole & I still haven't spoken to his parents-The reason is in this post they got back from their trip on Friday. The whole week on facebook she kept posting about how beautiful the place was, etc.

It really hurt us that she was mentioning the place seeing how this was the whole reason for the fight. When Cole said why we didn't want them to go there they said they wouldn't mention it or show us any pictures. Then yesterday she posted like 200 pics of the place-including a pic of her and the hubby under the wedding gazebo-I seriously think there may be something wrong with the woman.

Cole was sleeping while she was posting them and I kept feeling worse and worse looking at them on facebook-for some sick reason I couldn't stop. By the time Cole got up I had the worst pains in my stomach. He is so worried that this is affecting me and my weight loss. He says with all my efforts it would kill him that stress kept me from getting where I want to be.

Cole deleted his mother from facebook. I don't know how I feel about it cause I know that I would do the same thing if mom did this to me. I said I would delete her too for a sign of solidarity but he wanted me to keep her on mine so she would know that he is making the statement-he is the one who is mad and I'm not just getting him to go along with it. They are the kind of people who really love you til they hate you.

I woke up for work this morning and my stomach felt really bad, like really bad gas and it was going around to my bad and everything. I called in sick and tried to sleep but I couldn't. When Cole got back he was really nervous cause I was wearing a bunch of layers and was under blankets but I was shivering. We thought maybe it might have something to do with the gallbladder. I said if I didn't feel better later I would let him take me to the hosp. He ran me a hot bath to get rid of my chill and he even warmed my blanket in the dryer-sweet or what?

I finally fell asleep for a couple of hours and feel abit better but the pain is still there in my back-its so strange. I think I'm letting the fight work me up really bad. I'm going to stop looking at her pics and focus on us-I can't really change anything going on with them but I can change me.


  1. I bet it is stress. They sound like awful people.

    Breathe deep and keep pushing forward. If you let them stress you out to the point of missing out on your goal, you'll just be angry with yourself. Good luck!

  2. Stress can manifest itself is SO MANY ways that I would not be surprised some of it is stress related. Hope it isn't your gallbladder!

    You are right. You can change how you deal with it more successfully then you would trying to change them.

    I am sorry you have to deal with that crap!

  3. Thanks so much-I so appreciate being able to vent to my friends :)

  4. Urg. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with a crazy MIL. I fully know how you feel, we should start a support group! Mine had a bridal shower for me before the wedding and invited all the women that my hubby refused to invite to the wedding because they were her friends. I didn't know a single person. Sweet, huh? Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Omg that is so funny Nicole I could see her doing that too-

  6. Oh, Candace! I am so sorry to hear ALL of that! Cole's mom sounds like a royal bitch. I like the idea of his deleting her while you keep her on your friends list. Smart - it really does send the right message. I can't believe that psycho not only took the wedding gazebo pic but also posted it for you to see. I can' imagine how upsetting this all is. I am so glad that you and Cole are on the same page. BIG HUGS!!! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hang in there!

  7. It's really amazing that someone as wonderful and sweet as Cole came from a woman like her.

  8. Aww~Really hope your feeling better and I think your doing right by not looking at the pictures anymore and just focusing on you guys.