Thursday, June 10, 2010

This weAk in review!

I weighed myself tonight instead of tomorrow morning and it says I stayed the same. The morning would probably be lighter but I'm in a funk and wanted to get it over with. I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but I can't.Its crazy that this week is already almost over. This has been a hard week. I feel really tired. I didn't get much sleep over the weekend and was going to try and catch up on it Sunday but it didn't work so most of the week I just felt tired.

I like to come home from work and get in my workout in right away but I've been feeling like I had a dip in my blood sugar or something and had to stop twice-this is even after eating something before leaving work-really strange.

I'm still feeling tons of stress from this fight with the in-laws. They have made no contact other than her dropping in for 15 mins on Cole's birthday but now she is writing things on facebook again that we know are digs at us. Cole is seriously considering calling them and telling them he is done with the whole situation and he doesn't want anything to do with them.

I'm really torn because we have always been close to them and for one fight to explode like this is truly amazing. I guess I'm just in shock or something. I've never been one to enjoy conflict of any kind and this is tearing up my insides, just feel really queasy right now.

I told Cole that I always got the impression that they could cut people off really easily (like if they had disagreements with friends) but I never imagined it would be us, especially Cole. I just can't imagine how he would feel if they weren't at the wedding.

That is something else I am dealing with right now. We are pretty sure we are changing our travel agent. We didn't have anything major planned with the one we talked too yet but I sorta thought we would not really shop around. She got married in Dominican last year so I thought how perfect she can tell me a lot. To be honest, she hasn't.

We picked our first resort (that the parents stole) because of how classy it seemed and from the pics we were right. So anyways we settled on another one and she just came back this week with a high quote and said you can leave a deposit to hold it, no word about the wedding package, etc, anything, pertaining to what is included, etc. She also mentioned two other resorts that are nothing like what we want. I've asked her repeated questions about anything about her wedding that could help me, etc and got nothing.

So we sent our info to my cousin's best friend who's been a travel agent for close to 20 years and she seems really eager already. She told me our choice of resort was beautiful and they have awesome food. She wanted to know why we chose it and if we were open to others. I like that she seems to care what we want.

One good thing to come out of this week is that Cole surprised me with a new pair of workout pants. I had been using these old pair of yoga pants I got from old navy and they were too long so if I tried to run I would have to haul them up.

Its so strange but my dress pants I wear all the time our really baggy now so that I actually feel better in my workout clothes, haha. I'm already quite pleased with my rear view, its my stomach, inner thighs and my arms that need the most work now-any suggestions on the workouts you like the best are greatly appreciated!

Both Cole & I are going in for overtime tomorrow night so that makes it easier (yes, misery does love company) My friend Sandra from work is really into flyball (a sport for dogs) and they are having a tournament this weekend. I said I would drop down and they are having a bake sale so I made some choc chip cookie bars for her to make extra money.

Kelly emailed that they have the pool in this week so if its nice on Sat we will probably head over there for a couple of hours.

What type of things do you all do to get out of a funk? I so hate being down especially when it seems there is nothing I can do.


  1. Hide her status so you can't see it. Stay strong, if you & Cole blow up, they end up getting what they want-attention. Make a pact to not talk about them anymore. You will feel better. I know it is hard, I promise this works.

  2. I'm sorry about all the family drama. :( You're looking great, though! Keep up the good work! Changing scenery usually helps me get out of a funk; even if that means staying in and making something lavish for dinner and watching a new movie, doing or going somewhere different often helps perk me up.

  3. Thanks so much ladies-I've hide her on facebook so I should be good-haha!

  4. The scale says you stayed the same... How do you feel like you've done? How were you eating and exercise for the week?

    Ugh, your in-law situation SUCKS BIG BALLS!!! I'm sorry you're still dealing with BS from those people.

    What a bummer about your former travel agent! The new one sounds great. You've got to be so excited to be planning things!

    As far as your trouble spots go... Cardio! I wish I could focus on my upper thighs and my hips. Cardio will help get rid of fat everywhere. Weight lifting boosts your metabolism. Do you do squats and lunges? Those are lifting exercises that use your body weight, so you don't even need dumbbells. You're looking great! That was so sweet of Cole to surprise you with new gear. Awwwww!

    To get out of a funk... Exercise! Treat yourself - paint your nails or borrow a good library book. Get some sunlight. Surprise Cole. Making other people happy makes me happy. Good luck, Can! I hate seeing you down. :(