Monday, June 14, 2010

The weekend went swimmingly~

Well this past weekend both Cole & I worked overtime on Friday night. Got off work at 3am, came home and slept 4 hours.

We got up and went to my friends flyball tournament. The dogs race this lane and have to bring back a ball, very competitive and Sandra's passion. She has four very well behaved dogs.

Cole & I went out to lunch at Harvey's I had a grilled Chicken burger on a whole wheat bun then we headed Kelly & Rodney's for a swim and a bbq.
This pic sorta reiterates my need to work on my stomach-its looks like I'm pregnant.Cole looking hot eating a Jos Louis.I'm pretending to be a poolgirlKelly & Rodney are such great friends, we were there for like 5 hours and we didn't stop laughing the whole time. I leave you now with pics of my nephew Ben and my niece Gabby-they don't get cuter than this.


  1. Wonderful post... Very informational and educational as usual!

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  2. Your niece and nephew are adorable. :)

    K and R sound like great couple friends!! You guys really had a blast this weekend. The flyball tournament sounds pretty cool.

    You don't look prego!! Pics can certainly be very motivating. It really is a shame we can't choose where we lose fat, isn't it? I want to keep it in my butt and my already-small boobs, and I want to lose it from my hips, belly, and upper thighs. Haha, if only...

    Have you done the shred lately? Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Very cute kids!

    I love swimming but hate my legs so I don't go as much as I like.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit. Sounds like fun was had by all

  4. I know this is your blog but I must commend Cole on his 6-pack abs. I'd love any afternoon that included dogs. The dog in the first picture looks like a black lab. They are such sweethearts. Sounds like an all around fun day.