Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Planning done~

Well people here we are into another week. Its crazy how fast the time is going.

Cole & I have finally finalized our wedding plans and picked a resort. Its the Bavaro Princess All Suites Spa & Casino in Punta Cana.

We are beyond excited and we are finally feeling a bunch of the stress leaving us. I was feeling stress because people wanted to know where, when, etc.

Then we make this decision and everyone is saying omg I can't believe we have to decide now and need to make a deposit, etc. People (our families) are just crazy its really hard to take. We told them over a year ago to save and now some of them haven't.

But either way we are going to have an awesome time-can't wait.

I haven't let my weight gain discourage me and I did my Body Combat yesterday and today is Body Step-so love it~


  1. Yay for picking a time and place!

    Maybe I will video tape myself or have Dave do it. My iPod has a video camera ;-D

  2. Hmmm-I am so tempted to invite myself!! You are going to have a lovely time and the people who cherish you most will be there for your day.

    Way to go with working out girl!