Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Seeing red~

Yesterday was a really bad day. I got home from work and Mom called to say my brother and family will not be going to the wedding.

The reason is that my niece has allergies to peanuts and stuff. I'm just super disappointed and really a little pissed.

Of course I totally understand the allergy thing but all along it was can't wait to go and we'll have to see what they do about allergies, etc.

So we finally book the day before yesterday and now they can't go. Maybe if they had told me beforehand I would have changed my mind.

Also my mother and husband have all these medical bills and stuff and are now moving back to Canada but they will now be even farther away from me than before.

For the last year or so we had it all worked out that Mom & I would pick out my dress in New Hampshire. So now she is moving to Canada this month. Since we have known, about two months, we (me and Cole) have been rearranging plans.

We figured that Cole would drive the 8 hours to pick her up, drive back the 8 hours the next day or so later we would drive to New Hampshire and stay 4 nights-with us paying for everything.

So now Mom says I don't know if I will be able to go since we will have just moved. You wanted me to help pick out your wedding dress is that it? Like it was the first time hearing it.

I'm seeing red right now. We should have just eloped. So I guess I will pick out my dress by myself and walk myself down the aisle-nice.

Well yesterday instead of just getting mad and eating-I went to my step aerobics and worked out my aggression-something I wouldn't have done in the past and then I came home, had supper, and went to sleep~


  1. Hey Candace that is a really bad day. I'm sorry your family won't be there. I know how disappointed you must feel. I can say I understand. Our families couldn't agree to coordinate a date for us in Vegas either. I didn't let it change my plans. Paul and I went to Vegas by ourselves and had a beautiful intimate ceremony. I had it taped so our families could watch it with us when we got back. It wasn't the same, but it made it a really personal thing between just the two of us, plus we then had a private honeymoon. I know it's easier said then done but just plan your wedding for you and Cole and remmeber that it really is YOUR guys' day. ((HUGE HUGS))

  2. That really sucks. So your mom won't be able to go to the wedding either? Darn. Well since you have booked it, just have a fab time with the friends that go down with you and remember the most important thing, you're getting married!

  3. That stinks so bad. I am glad you channeled your anger into something positive.