Friday, October 1, 2010


I gained 3 pounds. I didn't know what my body would do after the detox but I had no idea it would do this.

I take comfort in the fact that I feel so good. I'm on my period too so maybe that is in the weight gain too.

I'm continuing with the working out and will see where it leads. Do you think I should eat any activity points? I don't but am wondering if I should.


  1. Hey Candace, I know it must feel discouraging but it's probably a combo of TOM and your body readjusting to regular foods ie:salt again. I think you should just keep excercising and eating healthy and you will lose it again. You are ok to eat up to 4activity points so if you doing lots of excercise I would eat at least 2 pts and "bank" the other 2. Good luck my friend, your doing fabulous!!!

  2. I agree with Natasha 100% and am so glad you are not letting this set you back. You have come so far girl!! Hugs.

  3. Girl, just wait for next week! Between water retention and hormones, I'm sure your period has something to do with the gain. You have done an AMAZING job with the detox! You must feel so great! I'm sure it was really tough, and I'm proud of you for doing it. Maybe you could eat half your activity points and see how your body responds.

  4. Don't get discouraged! You are doing really great-Christina is right, give your body a readjustment period.