Monday, October 25, 2010


This past week has been a blur and then the weekend sorta sucked. We went to Cole's parents place on Thursday for his fathers birthday. It was a little normal, haha. Got home later than usual and had to make stuff for Cole's bosses party at work. Hardly got any sleep.

I didn't weigh myself because I slept through my alarm and was running late. Friday I eat flex points with my friend from work so I have forgone my weigh in til next Friday.

Friday night we went in for overtime and I had an upset tummy all night. Must be a touch of the stomach flu or something.

I lazed around all day on Saturday and on Sunday I made the rest of my place cards for the wedding. So far we have 13 people booked at the resort for the wedding. Not too bad. Many more are saying maybe.

We go on vacation in three weeks and are going to the black Friday sales and to get my wedding dress, so excited!!!


  1. Waiting to weigh sounds good! Are you feeling better? How is exercise going this week? You are doing so awesome, Candace!!! I am getting so excited for your wedding. :) I hope you had a great time with your favorite people on Thursday. Hahahahahahahaha

  2. I hope all went well with the in-laws. I usually feel sick after seeing mine too. lol Keep at it girl-3 weeks until dress time sooooo exciting!! Promise me you'll try on everything.

  3. I would wait too. No sense in adding insult to injury.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. I felt like that last week.

    Only 2.5 lbs. to ONEDERLAND!!!!!!

  4. Yay for upcoming dress shopping!! Take your camera...we wanna see too ;)