Friday, October 8, 2010


I was so frightened to weigh myself today. I did everything right. I did four aerobic classes, walked on my breaks at work, ate my correct points, etc. Bam..... I lost 2.5 pds. I'm totally stoked. My hard work paid off. Though it wasn't really that hard. I'm loving the classes so much that I look forward to them and do anything not to miss them. That is, apparently, the key for me.

I need to exercise to drop good numbers but I need to enjoy my exercise to stick to it. Thank God I joined the gym!

We are both going in for overtime tonight and we are working on Thanksgiving too to get the holiday pay. Its hard working so much but will be totally worth it to buy lots of new clothes on black Friday. Can't wait.

I'm just so happy to have lost that weight you don't even know. I told Cole yesterday if I didn't lose this week that I was going to donate my body to science so they could research how someone can do everything right and still not lose-haha.

Have a great weekend~


  1. Woot!! You are doing it right-great job. I think Cole will miss you if you go donating yourself.

    Something else I have noticed is you are talking and focusing on positives-maybe that's helping too. You just seem happier. =)

  2. So exciting about your upcoming wedding. I also need to lose over 100lbs. I am now following. Great to meet others with the same goals. Please feel free to pop by my blog some time. I'd love a new follower

  3. You're working hard, you're enjoying it, and you're seeing results! Bam! Bam! BAM! Awesome, Candace!

    "I'm loving the classes so much that I look forward to them and do anything not to miss them." I'm so glad you found something you love! That really is key!