Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I woke up had a healthy breakfast, went to work and stewed about my weight the whole day. I ate my carrots, my multi grain ww bread, my fruit, drank my water, did all the right things.

After spending the entire day going over and over in my mind about my weight and how I have gained again I went to the store and bought these guys:
Chocolate Caramel Bunnies. Chocolate is my absolute favorite. I planned on eating them and then maybe to have some chips, then some brownies. I planned on skipping my workout and just wallowing in my failure.

Before I did these things I thought I would go on the computer to have a look see. This is what I found on the computer desk :
A little note from my fiance Cole. He is so amazing and may be a mind reader, haha. He fell in love with me at my biggest weight and he is truly my biggest cheerleader. He believes in C more than anyone.

I threw on my dirty pants, my sneaks and went for an hour long walk, listening to the new playlist he made for my ipod. Every woman should have a Cole-but you can't have mine. Have you any idea how hot he is?

Super Yummy Hot!


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  2. AWWW!!! Cole does sound too sweet! You are one lucky woman! And of course he is one lucky man. It's always nice to get just the right amount of motivation and/or support when you most need it. Good for you for staying on track!

  3. I am sure the fact that you are nothing less than genuine & spectacular has nothing to do with the fact he knows he should worship you. =)

    I hope you buried those bunnies in the yard.

  4. Candace - I bought an upgrade to my bodybugg today and wondered if you would want my old one? There is a cost to logging your food - I think it is $9.95 a month. Let me know if you are interested :-) You can email me at

  5. Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing ever! I think he is a mind reader- you both look adorable in the photo!