Wednesday, February 3, 2010


After a couple of days of being negative about my journey and blogging about it I decided to smarten up. I'm still not feeling well but I figured I can choose to be happy that I weigh a good deal less right now than I did from a year ago.

I decided that next week I'm going to try a pre-planned meal guide from one of my magazine. It has around 1500 calories per day and I can choose between three different choices for each meal with two snacks. The one I found has a lot of the foods I already like so it should be good.

I know that one of my big problems has been eating the same thing most days for so long. Another big reason for my funk is not being able to walk outside. I just love it, it works. I cannot wait for this snow/ice to melt its maddening.

Thanks everyone for the unwavering support and encouraging messages you all rock!


  1. Having a plan will help you feel more positive. A lot of people miss exercise in the winter months and it brings them down, so you are not alone in this.


  2. YOU ROCK TOO Candace! Good luck with the meal plan.

  3. Great attitude! I'm glad you're excited about trying something new. Yea, the cold weather SUCKS. I can't wait for walking weather to return!!!