Friday, February 19, 2010


I got weighed last night and I was up 1.4 pds. Nothing shocks me anymore. When I think I will lose I might gain-if I think I gained I might lose.

I haven't lost heart though cause I'm going to plug away with the exercising and it has to catch up sometime :) Thanks for all the encouraging words, it keeps me going~


  1. It does suck when the scale messes with our heads - doesn't it see us working (literally) our asses off every day?

    Hang in there hon, you are doing all the right things.


  2. hang in there
    i know you cna do this
    dont get discouraged
    go by how you feel
    if you feel better your doing better
    thats what i do when the scale makes me mad

  3. Be kind to yourself doll. It sucks but you don't want to unravel all your hard work. I was up this week too.

  4. If I got off my arse and did any exercise it would be easier 60 lbs. lighter but since I haven't been doing anything but be a slug I can't accurately tell you :-(

  5. That's the kind of attitude that will get you great results :)

  6. That is awesome that you aren't letting it get to you. Getting defeated in our mind always deteriorates our progress. Just keep plugging away and it will pay off!

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  9. Oh, that is so frustrating! SO FRUSTRATING! You know you're doing the right things, and you know your body is becoming healthier. The scale might not reflect that yet, but your body is thanking you!

    Sorry for the deleted comments - I had some crazy typo problems :)