Saturday, April 3, 2010

Loving the Fit

After months of waiting we finally got our Wii Fit-the verdict-I love it. I knew I would. I got weighed on Thursday and stayed the same so I know I have to start kicking it into overdrive here.

My friend Madison (who lost 130 pds) is coming by tomorrow and we are going for a walk, can't wait. She is super into exercise so she will hopefully rub off on me.

I plan on doing my walks and doing the Wii Fit too so that should help since it is fun to do.

We still are not speaking to the in-laws. Cole's sister wrote him a email basically telling him off and they went back and forth a bit on msn but he can't get through to her. She never calls but will say we don't, she didn't even call for my birthday but when he brings it up she won't reply, etc. At the end of it she said have a nice life.

I really don't know what will happen with the whole situation cause they don't seem to think they did anything wrong but at least my stomach isn't upset all the time anymore.

We went out with friends last night and it was really nice and the weather here today was so beautiful-wish the outdoor pools were up and ready-oh well.

Have a Happy Easter~


  1. I try not to let myself worry over my in-laws. (I am like you only 12 years in.) The thing is, even though you and Cole are really bothered by their antics, 99% of the time you are just a blip on their radar. They could care less about you & what you think/feel. So even though it's hard-try really hard to put them in the dark part of your mind.

  2. Yay for the Wii Fit. I am going to order mine now :-D

    I am still shocked at how lame the In-laws are. All that matters is that you two are happy.

    I have not forgotten about you. I found the rest of the paperwork for the bodybugg so I will be getting it out to you this week. I will email you with a tracking number once I get it.