Friday, August 13, 2010


I stayed the same this week. I'm getting really tired of not losing. This week I walked, a lot. A few days I ate more than I should and I don't know what it wrong with me.

Do I just not want it enough? Will I be happy as a fat bride? When faced with these questions I can just feel tears welling up so I know the answer.

I don't want to have a completely bummed out post so I want to let you know that my friend Kelly who has MS just found out that she is getting the surgery on her vein on Sept 28th. Many people who are having this surgery are now able to walk or are at least improving. So EXCITING!!!


  1. Bummer about the scale. That's good you know why the scale isn't moving. Awareness is a first step! I love the WW quote "If you sort of follow the program, you sort of lose weight." Eating is the tough part for me, too.

    You'll be a beautiful bride no matter what number is on the scale. I want you to be a happy bride. :)

    That's great news about your friend's scheduled surgery!

  2. Yay for the news about Kelly's surgery! That is wonderful and hoping and praying for the best.

    Now Candace, you KNOW you want it and I KNOW it is hard but you have the POWER to do it and you just need to make yourself a priority. Oh and maybe use the bodybugg so you are aware of what you are putting in your pie hole LOL xoxox Love ya doll!

  3. This weight loss thing can be so discouraging but sometimes even a small change can tilt things in a good direction. Good for you for walking!

  4. i think you will be happy no matter what. your fiance loves you like you are, so you should too. don't let a number on the scale (pretty meaningless anyway!) dictate how you feel about yourself. you already look amazing.