Sunday, August 29, 2010

Debt & Solutions~

Today is a super lazy day for me. I'm feeling under the weather. Its my tom and it sucks. I just got out of a hot bath but it didn't really seem to improve much-only made me really hot and uncomfortable-boo.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog called facing my past- here . It pretty much detailed how for years I was running from the financial mistakes I made in the past. So anyways we are putting in a proposal to pay it off and since its $15000 we are going to pay it off in full. The payments are $250 a month but Cole & I are going to do 2 overtime shifts a month each and pay $400 instead to pay it off more quickly.

It really is amazing how getting this all out in the open has been. I haven't stressed about it in weeks and it feels wonderful. For years I have blown this out of proportion in my head and maybe its even why I gained the majority of my weight.

Cole is an absolutely amazing man. He has never once said a thing against me having this debt. Its just okay honey what do we have to do and how can I help? Everyone should be so lucky to have a partner who truly loves them and wants to make their live easier. I said I could do 4 overtimes a month but he said no-we will do two each. We have decided that for the next couple of months we may do overtime every week to save up extra before our November vacation. We are going to New Hampshire for my wedding dress and he wants to save for a nice camera for the wedding.

I am in the process of applying to sell food at our Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. I have always loved to bake and have a plan that for what I'm going to sell. It isn't this easy process that I thought it would be though. I guess the Department of Health has to approve of the food, the process, the area of preparation, etc. My plan is to prepare the food here so it will be determined whether or not they allow that since its an apartment.

We are getting ready to fund raise for Kelly's operation. They are having a silent auction, Bake sale, and a dance. Cole is donating two paintings. This is one of them. It is on an 11x14 canvas.

Cole is an amazing artist. He has sold his paintings in the past for up to $350. It takes him between 1-2 hrs to make a painting. I'll have to post more another day.

Have a great day everyone and my advice to anyone running from a problem is to address it asap. Its often way worse in our minds. Love all you~


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan of action for deleting that debt! Worrying about finances is hard and can send anyone with food issues to eat!

    Cole is a great artist and it's very generous of him to donate 2 of his paintings. Good luck I hope it's a successful fundraiser :-)

  2. Candace-awesome job facing your debt. You really are reshaping your future. Cole sounds like a great guy.

    Sounds like you have a lot going on right now. It would be amazing to see items at a farmer's market-I hope it all works out for you.

  3. I have been in debt and know that pain. It is good you are facing it and dealing with it. It is a load off ain't it

  4. I think paying of debt is a lot like dieting/eating healthy. It's hard work, it takes baby steps, but someday, you will see big results. Congrats on a great decision.

  5. Thanks everyone-it certainly is feeling great to address it for sure.

  6. It sounds like things are really going great for you, Candace! Cole really is an amazing man. I hope I find someone like him one of these days! You two are truly blessed to have each other. I hope the Department of Health approves your kitchen! Baking for the market would be too neat! I hope your friend's fundraisers go well. :)