Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I just finished reading an amazing post from Katie J, you can find it here . It only occurred to me while reading her post that in all the years I've struggled with weight that I never even once thought to look up the definition for food addiction. Amazing.

Reading all about it really sheds light on some things. While I can't remember truly binging for many years now (since I was with my last boyfriend) I do have some of the characteristics listed.
- I have eaten when I was full
- I have eaten when I wasn't even hungry
- And the two biggest things for me is feeling quilt after eating and eating alone.

Eating alone or looking forward to eating alone is something I have struggled with for many, many years. I think it started 10 years ago when I was working crazy hours and in a long distance relationship. After working a long day or on my only day off I would shower, order a crazy amount of delivery and veg out with movies or tv.

This pattern became a real habit for me and I looked forward to it. It was ME time. I could finally relax. This problem escalated a year later when I moved to be with my long distance guy and figured out he wasn't the right guy. Only problem was I was financially trapped for many years and whenever I had a chance I would order in and eat alone.

I've gotten a lot better with this problem because now I am finally happy in my relationship and often get ME time, only now me time might be my walks, baths, crafts, cooking, etc.

The one main thing I have to work on is Sunday's. Sunday's can be a bummer because Cole has to sleep all day to work that night and I'm often bored and I notice I've been consuming way too many calories. I have a plan for this Sunday coming which involves exercise and making purses on my sewing machine.

The other problem - My need to feel guilt over food is one I struggle with often but I have managed to curb it some. Now I try and brush myself off and move on cause giving up isn't an option. One bad day shouldn't lead to move.

Thanks Katie for the inspiration-you are more important to me than you'll ever know.


  1. xoxo Love you too sweetie!

    Sure is eye opening information isn't it. I feel like you. Why didn't I look it up before??

    P.S. May I suggest that you get on the scale, update your sidebar and make a goal to lose 15 lbs. in the next 4 months so you can be in Onderland starting Jan. 1 :) What do you think?

  2. Great plan for Sunday! I tend to eat when i don't have much to do, too. I want to eat more on the days I don't exercise just because I have more time. Food is tough. Awareness and knowledge are keys. You're winning, Candace. :)

    I like Katie's idea of setting that goal!!!!