Thursday, September 30, 2010

No longer phoning it in~

Today my body is so sore. I really gave it my all the last two days at aerobics. I figure I will try a little bit more each week to step it up. Now I'm paying for it-haha.

I really have to say that other than being in pain I am just so happy and content right now. I'm so pleased that I joined the gym and finished the detox.

The detox was so super hard but really gave me a newfound appreciation for food. Before the detox I always had a strong craving for all kinds of bad foods daily. Even on days I did eat the right number of points they weren't always the best points. Weekends were especially brutal.

Doing the detox for three weeks now makes everything I eat taste so good. Just a simple bowl of high fiber cereal with skim milk tastes really delicious and sweet.

Coming home from work and packing lunches is no longer a huge struggle for me I just pack them eat a yogurt and I'm fine.

The detox isn't for everyone but for me it was great.

I was really apprehensive about joining the gym. In the past I would join and either not go or join and phone it in when I was there. I thought this time I would too.

I decided to totally change my attitude when going to the gym. I no longer feel like this embarrassed fat girl. I pay my membership like everyone else and I deserve to be there.

I walk in with my head held proud and I give eye contact and smile. Most of the guys there are so busy looking at themselves in the mirror anyways-haha.

I'm totally loving it. The classes are so fun, the music is awesome and I know for a fact I am pushing myself 100 times harder than I ever would at home. I'm so glad this time is different.


  1. You sound so pumped! Keep it up ... it might be contagious.

  2. I can feel your confidence radiating out of my screen!! Good for you Candace, sounds like you've found your groove!

  3. You are so great. You should just move here by me and we can be work out buddies-okay?