Friday, September 3, 2010

Weight loss, Detox and a gym membership

Hello everyone. I'm excited because I lost 1.5 pds. I am now 211.5 and pretty close to breaking into the 210's. I'm also excited because my friend Sandra and I have decided to do the Dr. Joshi 21 day Detox. I just heard about it on one of my favorite blogs Skinny Me.

Also on Monday I am joining the Good Life gym. Cole has been going there for months and I can get a family add on rate with him. I really need to kick it into gear with the exercise. Seemingly I will find any and every excuse possible. It really works out too cause we just found out that Cole has a day shift starting Sept 20 so we can go together. People I'm about to lose some weight I can feel it.

I'm getting really pumped. I can't believe that Cole will finally be off nights after 5 long years. He needs this so bad. Nights were starting to get really bad for him. He always tries to stay in good spirits but I know it was really getting him down.

So I decided on the Joshi Detox because unlike many detoxes or cleanses on this one you can actually eat and chew food, haha. I'm a little scared about giving up coffee but I gave up all soda 5 years ago July and after a week of the shakes I felt great-haha. I used to drink a lot of soda though and only drink one coffee a day so that should be good.

I'm interested to see if I will lose weight like this. I think it will be wonderful because when dieting I might have the right amount of points but they can use a tweaking-not all my points go to the healthiest things.

It will be challenging to do this detox now with the Frex coming, an exhibition that has all the rides and all the bad food. And next week is the fundraising for Kelly's surgery so there will be a ton of food and stuff but I'll just bring my own. I think I will do pretty good having someone doing this with me. Sandra is not big by no means but misery does love company-haha.

Wish me luck people. We are going to buy some stuff after work and she wants to start on Monday.
I'll try and write down what I'm feeling and post a lot during the three weeks.


  1. Good luck with the detox! I love Goodlife. Their classes are great! You can get a hard hour of cardio without staring at the clock!

  2. That is WONDERFUL news about Cole's schedule!

    Ohhhhhh I am so excited for you! Working out and Detoxing... who is this lady?