Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 1 & 2 of 21 Day Detox Done~

Today is the 3rd day of my Detox and it cannot be worse than the first two days. The first day I mostly experienced heartburn and I didn't get a headache until around 7pm and I go to bed around 8-9pm anyways to wake up early for work.

The second day I had a headache the whole day and even contemplated leaving work to go home. I took pills but they didn't even take it away.

Today is so far so good but then again I just woke up-haha. I really miss my coffee and my sauces. I am a slave to sauces I guess.

I joined the Good Life gym on Monday and right now my ribs and stomach are so sore I could just die. So far so good with the gym too-haha.

Sandra felt really crappy yesterday too. Its really so surprising how your body gets affected by going off of "bad" things. I only drink one coffee a day but it must be a doozy.

Today I go to work, go to the gym and I can't wait to sleep. This detox isn't that exciting and I'm already dreading the weekend. I am excited that I can have corn though-yummy.

Please let this drop off a few pounds.


  1. You are approaching this with the right attitude. Giving up so many 'bad' things at once is tough! You're strong. Nice work at the gym, by the way. :)

  2. Great going! I know it is hard, but I am sure it will pay off!