Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 1 complete~

This is now my second week of the detox. I weighed myself and I lost 4 pds. I am now into the 200's-finally!!!

This weekend was especially hard to follow the detox because my stepfather got admitted into the ICU on Friday night and Cole & I rushed to New Hampshire to be with them.

Mom called on Friday night and Cole came home from work and we just shoved clothing into bags, grabbed our passports and were off. I didn't think to pack my detox needs.

They didn't know if he would make it through the night so the 5 1/2 hr drive was grueling. Sitting there thinking about mom being scared and all alone was excruciating.

We made it in around 4:30 and Jerry was still pretty bad. Jerry & I have sometimes had a tumultuous relationship but seeing him hooked up to everything and disoriented was really sad and frightening.

Saturday was the longest day in history and my main focus was trying to get my mother to eat and grab a bit of rest. Finally she succumbed to my nagging and ate.

Saturday afternoon Jerry finally took a turn for the better. Turns out that he has gone undiagnosed with sleep apnea for years and years. So his brain hasn't been getting enough oxygen for years and years. That could explain why he doesn't have any energy. I guess that is why he drinks so much water and ice tea. He brain tells his body he is thirsty, etc and that is why his sodium was so dangerously low. Crazy.

Finally by Saturday night we were out of the woods. So all day Saturday I managed to have some scrambled eggs in the morning, a few banana's and later a salad.

Sunday I went to McDonald's and asked for a Mcgrill with no sauce. We are heading down the road and as I am picking the meat off to eat it I notice she put in Mcgrill xtra sauce-seriously ppl! Anyways thankfully it wasn't touching the chicken.

So there you have it we came back yesterday and I felt horrible leaving mom but Jerry is doing so much better now so that is good. Wish they would give us a day or so off for when someone is so sick in your family but c'est la vie.


  1. I am so sorry, it must have been scary to have to take that journey. Thank goodness he got a diagnosis and that he is getting better!

  2. So happy to hear that Jerry is doing well and hopefully now that they know what the problem is, they can treat it.

    Great job staying on track and sticking to plan amoungst all the stress!

  3. Oh how scary! Glad that you had each other to get through it. Hope things get better!