Sunday, September 5, 2010

T Minus 1

Well tomorrow is it. I start my 21 day detox and join the gym. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I am. But totally in that happy-nervous way-the butterfly thingy.

Friday after work Sandra and I went to the Bulk Barn and Grocery store to stock up on some veggies, almonds, gluten free cereal, soy milk, etc. This detox is restricting as well as expensive.

I'm looking forward to the effects it will have on my body to go without some of the things that are a staple of my everyday life. Coffee is the thing I know 100% I will miss the most. Not only for the caffeine which of course will be missed and will show its side effects but mostly because of the ritual I have programmed with it.

Coffee is a beautiful color, smell, its so warm. I drink it first thing when I get to work when my co-worker friends and I are working and talking about what we did the evening before. I miss it already.

I know that it will be a big effect to give up red meat. Red meat is something I eat a lot. Its often cheaper than chicken and easy to prepare and goes in many dishes.

Sugar, chocolate and many of the carbs I'm used to will be a huge adjustment too. Even when counting points I can rely on some low point carbs to get me though.

Giving up cheese is another huge thing for me. I love it and eat it every single day-no fail. It would totally be one of my desert island food-no contest.

I have total faith that these changes will allow me to lose some weight. Joining a gym is always a scary thing for me and especially tomorrow since I'll be all by myself. I am excited about that though because I think I often used chatting with my friends as a way to avoid pushing myself too hard. I plan to get in there and sweat. I don't care what I look like to anyone but to me and Cole on our wedding day.


  1. Hi Candace,
    Sorry you couldn't find the book. I'm pretty sure you can get it on ebay. I can help you with any questions you have in the meantime...e-mail me if you
    I didn't know you lived in're not I was there last summer. You can still do the detox without the book...I just find that it helps to understand WHY you're cutting stuff out. Regardless...e-mail me if you need help.
    Kerry :)

  2. Girl, I'm not going to lie: I was so worried when I read that you were doing a detox!!! These things have a bad rap. Now that I know more about what you'll be eating, I feel a lot better about your doing the detox. These detox sounds nice! Best of luck!!!