Saturday, December 12, 2009

Big Fat Lies & Irritations

I got weighed in Today-technically yesterday by the time but who's keeping track? I stayed the same. I can honestly say that. Still 220.6 on the nose.

Its so strange but in the past I have lied about how I did. Not on my blog but to Cole, family and friends. I would weigh in and lose .6 and I'd say I lost 1 pd. I'd gain .6 and I'd say I stayed the same. Either they are all bad with math or they are on to my game.

I can't really explain why I did this but I'm trying to change it. Even now my first instinct is to bump up the number but I nip it in the bud.

I've lied to myself plenty in the past before too. The diet starts Monday, just one cookie, etc and its gotten me nowhere quick.

I'm a person that hardly ever gets irritated but the smallest thing has irritated me for a bit and it was finally resolved today. I'm a bit embarrassed that I even cared but I did. See if it would bother you too - Here's the story :

I have been with Weight Watchers on and off for about a year and I re-membered yet again in August. So they still went by my starting weight. Somewhere along the way someone made a mistake with the starting number 245.6 and put down 245. So every time I would weigh in I would be short this .6 of a pd.

At first, like any normal human being, it didn't bother me. Then I hit my 15pd goal and they registered it as 14.4. And then I hit 20 pds and they registered it as 19.4 and I said something, and they adjusted it wrong to show 19.8-uhhh.

I bit my tongue until I hit 25pds and she registered it at 24.8-I said 245.6-220.6 is 25pds and she said oh well you can still get the award at the meeting I won't tell anyone-like I was getting away with something-but I wasn't I did this. I earned this. I bit my tongue-accepted my award and went home.

Before my meeting yesterday I brought it up, I am relentless, and one of the workers got out a calculator and went over each of my ups and downs to figure out the mistake. I don't care when the mistake was made, who made it, I just want ppl to acknowledge that 245.6-220.6=25pds.

She finally said okay I will go by your weight and we'll figure out the problem later. Don't get me wrong I love all the workers and they were more than nice and I am never rude about it but hello people-whats a girl got to do to get some scale love?

Am I completely alone? Would anyone else even have bothered with something so trivial? Do I get the crickets?


  1. Losing weight and following a plan is alot of hard work, it's natural to want acknowledgement for the work you did and not to feel like you're being placated or ignored.


  2. I'd totally raise cain over that and actually have. I learned a big lesson to re-check the weigher's math every time because there were so many mistakes. With as scale-obsessed as WW is (big problem I have - they don't take any other measurements), you deserve to get things right. Later on down the road when you're in maintenance and are allowed however much wiggle room at your weigh-ins, if you weigh over what you "should," you have to pay a fee. So it would tooootally suck if their mistake literally cost you.

    I HATE how the receptionist people can be sometimes. It's not their job to judge members, yet you totally hear them passing judgment on people (i.e., ME) out loud.

  3. That is frustrating! That 'little' .6 makes a big difference when you hit a goal! Ugggghhhh! Yea, I would have changed the numbers or kept bugging them to do it.