Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Seasonal Issues.

This coming weekend I'm doing overtime on Friday night. Then on Saturday I plan to make a few recipes from my new Weight Watcher recipe books. A few new recipes for the winter are just what I need.

This time of year has proven to be a challenge for me already. December came is with 0 degree temperatures and I've already found myself more reluctant for my walks. Yesterday I bundled a big scarf around my face and it helped. (I don't really care what I look like on these walks, haha)

I need to figure out some home workouts that burn enough calories so that I don't feel guilty forgoing my walk. I so hate the treadmill so that might keep me motivated to keep them outside.

Its so amazing that in a few short months how much blogging has impacted my life. I can't believe the amazing bloggers out there and how much they actually care about me. Thanks so much everyone who reads, and comments to my blog.

Next weekend we are attending three holiday parties. The first one is Cole's entire family meeting for their annual Christmas Party. The second is one we are hosting for his brother Adam's 30th birthday party and the third is my friends Christmas Party. I'm going to do some baking for them and for the one we are hosting there is going to be veggies and healthy options :)

This time of year can be so frighting but I am making a promise to myself to not forgo my exercise, no matter what else happens. Do any of my fellow bloggers have any strategies they are planning?


  1. Wow you're busy!!! I got tired just reading all the parties you're going to!

    I'm not a party person and decline most invitations. We have two parties at work this week and I declined both. Family/friend wise, we have one dinner with friends on the 19th and then our family dinner on the 25th. So really, two meals! I can do that.

    The challenge will be all the chocolates/cookies etc that come out at work and will be given to me as gifts. I find I can't eat "just one", it is far easier to have none, than to have one and stop. plan is to only take something if it's forced on me and then wander around with it on a plate and discard it somewhere. It has worked in the past and should work again. Really, no one is watching me eat or not eat, it just feels that way!

    If its something truly special - like my sister's homemade trifle - I'm going to have a small portion and enjoy it, then put my plate and fork in the sink and concentrate on the conversation!

  2. I am dedicated to being a Holiday Hottie! This week has been a crap shoot for me-but I am not giving up. Way to go on the outside walks. I have a 43 degree limit. lol

  3. Enz I'm alot like you in the declining of invites but I'm forcing myself this year, I always have fun once there. I'm also like you in the having none is easier than stopping, so weird but so true. Don't give up Followmedown!