Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Intentions-Nearest Window.

Friday night I was hoping to do the usual overtime but it wasn't offered. This proved crappy for me. You see, Cole had already committed his self to watching his brother and had to sleep out there overnight.

I was already under the weather from womanly issues and then I was left to my own devices. Being alone for me can be a problem.

I didn't eat bad Friday night. I had a nice bath, got more things prepped for Adam's party, and really enjoyed my time alone. Too much. I couldn't sleep. I finally got to sleep around 4:30 and and woke up @ 7am-blurgggg.

I was feeling anxious cause I had so many loose ends to attend to for the party so I got up and started running errands. I got everything I needed, got some Subway and headed home.

I ate my Subway, finished my baking, tidied up a bit, and got the biggest headache I've had in years. I think I had waited too long to eat and with so little sleep it was a deadly combo.

Luckily for me Cole was on his way home and I could grab a nap. I slept longer than I meant too but I so needed it. So long, in fact, that I skipped supper. So at the party I had a few sandwich triangles and way more sweets than I should have. Only a little veggies.

Now I am finding it hard to get re-motivated for the week as I am having major cramps and I am craving sugar. I just finished a peanut butter ball.

I have to use this as a major lesson. I am not a person who can go without sleep or miss meals. This always leads to headaches and I know this. I have to force myself to take the time out for me. I don't want to end up feeling crappy during my only time this year with my family.

Tomorrow I'm going to kill it on the treadmill and today I'm weaning myself off of sugar. It really is amazing how fast you can get hooked again.


  1. I have certain sugary trigger foods's hard to stay away, but you can do it! I always think afterwards that it's not worth it. I always feel mad at myself and my body feels crapo from all the sugars!!

    Good luck getting back on track tomorrow...maybe try baking some low sugar, or pt friendly treats for the holidays? Then you won't feel deprived but you'll have more control :)

  2. That is good advice-I'm gonna have to do that for sure-haha.

  3. Its so hard to avoide sweets at that time of the month! I try hard to keep them out of the house. If my hubby wants them he needs to eat it at work :)

  4. Yeah Tricia I can see that. I'm usually good-I tell myself wait til the weekend. I think this week was a challenge because of the types of treats (Christmas goodies) I know its not much of an excuse but I've been good the rest of the week :)

  5. Oh yey! Congrats!
    I'm always looking for inspirational blogs, and being a goal getter!
    Awesome on your weight loss of 25lbs! Awesome!!
    Congrats on your engagement! How exciting! That's a huge motivation there! Your going to be a beautiful bride!!
    You can do it!!

    Happy Holidays!
    Yaneri -Step by Step Inch by Inch!

  6. Thanks so much Yaneri-I appreciate it :)