Friday, December 4, 2009

25pd award and 10%

Can you say excited? Today I went to my meeting and I lost 2.6pds. I got my 25lbs award and my 10%. You won't be able to wipe this smile off for a week-haha. It feels so good and so deserved, hell I sweat for this loss-no pain-no gain.

My fellow meeting members are so supportive and its going to be hard to change meetings in January, hopefully I'll figure a way to pop in from time to time.

Its so funny but since today I got my 25pd award and 10% all at the same time I was sort of worried that now everyone knows how much I weigh. Isn't that always the way you get something awesome and immediately try to ruin it for yourself.

I don't even care. This is me-I'm owning this, every step of the way. Its crazy that this has seemed like the hardest week for me but having some great bloggers post words of encouragement to me really proved helpful.

When I stepped on the scale and lost 2.6 I immediately felt like the weight came off, my pants felt lighter. Any of you experience that? So funny but so awesome.

I'm going in for overtime tonight so Cole is the house husband for today-packing lunches, making supper and doing the chores so tomorrow we can both enjoy some much needed downtime. We plan on watching some Christmas movies with the tree and lights on. So nice.

Have a great weekend-blogs are scarce on the weekend but I'll be looking forward to reading some :)


  1. Wohoooooo..the one thing I miss about meetings is the charms and stickers - I'm such a nerd I know!

    Congrats, you're doing amazing.

  2. That is fantastic Candace! Yay for you!

    I have felt the same about when I know how much I have lost I can feel it in my clothes right away. Like I can almost feel each pound going away. Did not feel them coming on like that

    Sounds like a great weekend for you and the Colester. Have a good one!

  3. Good for you! Congrats on another good week! Just keep thinking about the clothes you'll be wearing next summer. Oh, baby!