Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Treadmills and nagging~

I was reading a great blog last night What a slurge and she discussed not letting her co-workers know she was dieting.

I have such strong opinions on this topic I decided to discuss it right here. Since I have been dieting for over half my life I have tried every approach known to woman.
The secret diet, telling everyone, telling a few, etc. I haven't really struck a good balance when it comes to this. I seem to always tell a person I always wish I hadn't.

In the present tense it is a co-worker. I had a momentary lapse in judgement a while ago when she told me she struggled with dieting and told her I joined Weight Watchers.

I didn't tell her this for any particular reason I think I felt she needed to know that someone else was in the same boat. Ever since it feels like she is really struggling with dieting and she is constantly telling me about going to the gym, what she eats, etc.

I don't want to seem uncaring or cold hearted, and I certainly don't want anyone to think I judge them for what they eat-I am the last one who could judge believe me, but I also don't want my eating habits brought up on a daily basis. She mentions these things around others and it just makes me uncomfortable.

Not to mention I've lost 25 pds and she says so how much have you lost so far and I'll tell her and she doesn't say yeah I can tell or you look good or anything. If only I could turn back the clock.

In other news-I've given up walking outside. I have trackers but my legs are still too afraid to fall and it took me forever to do my walk yesterday. It really sucks because from mine and Cole's walk on Sunday morning in the snow my legs are still sore so it really makes for a good workout.

I decided to use the treadmill provided in my apartment building. I so depise a treadmill but at least it has a tv in there.
The room is surrounded in mirrors so I can stare at my ass while working out-haha-should help with portion control.
I'm doing a Christmas Gift Card Exchange on the Weight Watcher Website and I've gotten three so far. One had 4 awesome recipes with the points and everything already tallied and in another card I got a string with 1 inch braided and a little saying.

It says : "What does an inch mean? Here are a few lengths of thread-Just one braided inch. It may look quite small but when you find yourself in a pinch consider the inches you've lost (But how gaining them is a cinch!) When the going gets tough look on this thread and know you will get there-inch by inch.

This is so cute and clever-I have mine on my wrist right now and may replace it with a black one-goes with more-haha. I thought it was so neat.

I so love getting mail :)


  1. When I first started out I kept it hush and then started telling everyone who would listen. I have slowed down a little but I still like to throw it in every now and again.

    I love that snapshot of you! You look so happy and you have the greatest eyes PLUS since your weight loss you don't have a double chin like before. YAY FOR YOU!!!

  2. What a frustrating situation with the co-worker!!! I noticed you put up progress pictures on your side bar. I have to say, 25 pounds DOES make a big difference! You look great! Also, the smile in the second picture says it all.

  3. Thanks ladies. My double chin is getting smaller-yah!!!

  4. Sounds like that co-worker has a lot of anxiety about her weight. I don't want to sound mean but eventually she may go off her diet and then just stop talking about it.

    I used to be like that when I was younger, I would talk and read a lot instead of taking action.