Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yesterday I was feeling so blue I contemplated giving it all up. The dieting, the blogging, everything. When I am sick I can get pretty pessimistic. Of course I'm pretty much the opposite when healthy but what can you do.

I think it all started when I weighed in on Friday. Though I never really spoke my true goal out loud before I kinda had it in my mind that if I lost 1.6pds per week I could make it to my goal in a year. My brain knows this might not happen and that I shouldn't give up if it doesn't but try telling that to my heart.

I have spoken before about my having a defeatist attitude if things don't go perfectly as planned and how I'm trying to shake that. I liken myself to an clock and every so often the power goes out and you need to reset your clock.

Then I started feeling under the weather and thought "Why am I working so hard for something that won't happen?" I don't know why I get like this and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever truly be cured from this negativeness every so often.

The only real thing I know is that I just got back from my morning walk and I'm not giving up. Not yet, and hopefully not ever.

The last thing I want to do is start over with even more weight on in a couple of months, and from my track record that is exactly what would happen. Even if I don't lose 1.6 per week and if in a years time I'm only down 5, 10 , 15 pds at least it will be down.


  1. This is hard work. Don't begrudge yourself getting discouraged now and again. Use the negativity to remind yourself how far you've come and to remind yourself why you are doing this.

    You WILL reach your goal. A year is going to pass anyway, you might as well spend it getting healthier and feeling better.


  2. It's hard to stay positive all the time, and I go through hard times where I get tired of obsessing about points, food,measuring, weighing, I get jelous of "normal" people who can just eat healthy and not have problems with food, but being fat scares me. I don't want to suffer health problems because I didn't put the effort into trying...I have to remind myself that this lifestyle is kinda my "normal"...at least the pessimistic side of us doesn't usually stick arouhd too long!

    Yay for not letting it keep you from your walk. Every pound counts!!! Every pound less you are each week,month, year is a pound healthier you are :)

  3. I think 1.6 pounds a week is ambitious. Some weeks it just can't happen. The only thing that will happen for sure is that the weeks will pass and every small loss will add up over time.

  4. I get the same way. Especially this time of year when I am the dessert queen in the family & come home to left over cookie bars & gooey butter cake. I just think-why care? But I know why-it's not just about looking sexy and wearing smaller clothes. It's about being healthy so I can live to enjoy my life-a quality life. It's okay to feel down-just make sure to get back up again.

  5. Dear C., I think everyone of us out there trying to lose some weight can relate to your feelings. It is normal to feel that way. That *evil* thought often crosses my mind as well. But I am DETERMINED to NOT give up this time. I don't want quick results, I want to CHANGE to a better, healthier me. And that, my dear, will take time. Just be patient. I will try too. It WILL pay off (just think of your wedding day and the way you want to look like!) :) Keep on going, C. And remember that we are all here for you!!

  6. Thanks so much for the motivation everyone-your comments keep me going :)

  7. In response to your question; I have to wait an hour for breakfast because I had an overactive thyroid that I had zapped a few years ago and I have to take medicine that I can't eat for an hour after taking...it sucks when you wake up starving!! (At least I don't wake up like that too often!!)

  8. haha-I thought it was a big diet secret you didn't share. That must suck :(

  9. Hi Candace-I'm pretty new to your blog, but am impressed with your progress so far.

    It can be SO overwhelming looking at the end goal. I know, I've lost just over 110 pounds in the last 10 months. I expected to see a loss each week just because I had a "good" week food and exercise wise. But guess what? That doesn't happen. Sometimes there was no loss at all. SO FRUSTRATING.

    Just know, that even if the scale doesn't show a lower number, your body is getting healthier with the new lifestyle changes. Thats just as important.

    You have to stay positive. YOU CAN DO THIS! It is possible. Shoot me a message if you ever need anything!

  10. Don't you dare give up. I'll come up to Canada and kick your butt.

    I read or heard somewhere that a lot of overweight people are perfectionists in every other area of their life. We even bring that attitude with us into weight loss: While we may not look perfect, we are going to lose weight perfectly. If we can't do that, then forget it. Changing your mindset is TOUGH. I've been trying to lose weight since April, and I GAINED twenty pounds. Ha.

    Stay with it!!!

  11. Wow Tricia-amazing results-I'll be over to follow you later :) I won't give up~ Thats a promise-I so appreciate that you all care :)