Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stressing out~

This week has been a stressful one. I don't know what is up but I'm really feeling anxious all the time. Usually the feeling of butterflies in your stomach can be fun but not when its in a bad way.

I'm feeling stress for many reasons:

1) My job usually gives us an extra day off with pay during the holidays and they don't know if they are doing it this year.

2) We don't get off work until 6:30am on Christmas Eve and are driving to New Hampshire (5 1/2- 6 1/2 hrs) and they don't think we can go into work a couple of hours earlier to help us out.

3) This is Cole's first Christmas away from home and I'm getting a bit of quilt from the in-laws

4) I want this to be an amazing Christmas for Cole

5) My niece is allergic to nuts and I'm stressed about what I can make, eat, etc.

Whew that felt good to unload, haha. I've managed to eat good the rest of the week and got on the treadmill a few times. I think it helped me get out some aggressions.

One really bright spot to my week has been the Christmas Card Exchange I am in on the Weight Watcher forums. I so love going to the mailbox everynight before work and getting nice cards. Usually with something inside like recipes or inspirational quotes.
In the cards I sent I cut out inspirational quotes from my Woman's World Magazines with Scrapbook Scissors. Nice quotes that can apply to weight loss.

In the magazine for this week they had two nail applications that I really want to try in the next week. One was CandyCane effect:

The other was like a french manicure but in red. So pretty.

Another bright spot is that Cole took a picture of me that I really like-haha-vain or what? Being with a camera addict can have its perks afterall :)


  1. You look so cute :) I love your smile.

    Try and focus on the things you CAN control and let go of those you can't, i.e. how your inlaws FEEL (their problem - not yours and they WILL get over it!).


  2. That is a cute picture!

    It's a shame that wonderful times likes the holidays usually are accompanied by a whole lot of stress. The holiday card exchange sounds exciting!