Monday, November 30, 2009

Feeling Sluggish~

I skipped my morning walk. I haven't felt good in the last 2 days. Getting healtier has really improved my health so much for the better but the last two days I think I have a bug-just a headache, ear thingy but it stinks-boo.

At work tonight during break I was productive and addressed my Christmas cards. I'm on the ww forums and we are having a card exchange so that is pretty fun.

This weekend we finally found a peanut free gingerbread house as my niece is allergic. I'm hoping to do all kinds of crafty things with her during Christmas.

My eating has been really good but I so hate missing a workout as I know I need it to lose the weight. Hopefully a little extra rest today and tomorrow I'll be back with avengence. Can't stress enough how much I cannot wait to be off nights.

Does anyone else already feel tired from the Holidays? haha-


  1. Good for you for knowing when you need to take a few days to rest. I hope you feel better!

  2. I agree, better to give yourself a couple days rest, then to push it and be really sick! Hope your feeling better!!

    And yes~I'm already feeling tired from the holidays! We spent several hours outside decorating for xmas yesterday and I still have the house to do too!! (I still love the holidays though...)

  3. Hi C.! I do too -- I flew in this morning from Florida and feel really tired (had to come straight to work from the airport!) My back hurts a little bit (I think from the bumpy ride) so I am not working out tonight...But, as always, tomorrow is a new day, so let's hope we'll all feel much better tomorrow!! :) Keep on going, girl!