Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bring on the funk

I feel like I have spent the entire week in a funk. Its that t-o-m for me and I guess I just feel sick and depressed. I've hardly exercised and I've eaten the wrong foods and mostly I've just been beating myself up inside.

Its 11 months til my wedding and I still have 89 pounds to goal. 89 is a lot better than the 117 I had to lose when I started and even if I ultimately don't get to that goal for the big day any weight loss should be something to be proud of.

I am proud of myself for not quitting this journey. I can't begin to tell you how many times over the last 17 years I started to lose weight and quit when the results weren't as fast as I anticipated.

A couple of girls from work are waiting to see how I like WW online and they may join too. I am starting on Friday. I hope I like it-I have a feeling it might be good for me since I will like to take more credit for my efforts-haha-self centered I know.

This Friday I'm not doing overtime for the first time in 6 weeks. I just feel drained and like Cole & I don't ever get to spend a lot of time together anymore. I can't wait to just be with him-he is so funny & awesome. We are going to Saint John to visit Kelly who is doing better from her operation-thank god.
Tomorrow after work a group of us girls are going to lunch to celebrate our friend who is leaving on maternity leave-she is due in two weeks, so exciting.
My Wii Fit age today was 23-ten years younger-haha-it also said I was down 1.1 pds-I'm going to weight myself in the basement here for ww online those scales seem more accurate :)


  1. LOL at least it did not say you were 60! The first couple of times it said that to me I was like :-P phooey on you!

    Don't get derailed Candace! You can do this and I know you can. You need to get proper rest and tomorrow is another day. Things will get better for you

  2. Things will get better, that's only 8 pounds a month-you can do it!!

  3. Good for you for not quitting!! I hope you find WW online successful! I really liked it when I actually stuck with it, but isn't that always the problem? Ha! You can do it though!!

  4. Look at the numbers:

    2 pounds/week
    11 months = 48 weeks

    Whoa, that's 96 pounds! If you aim for 2 lbs/week, you have some wiggle room. You can do this, Candace! The question is, will you do it? I know you can! Choose to stay focused, stay on track. <3

  5. I feel your funk...BUT I too am working through it. Have a restful weekend and spend some time with Cole to regroup. You can do this and you'll be so proud of yourself for getting healthy!