Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well I made a decision. I'm going to try the weight watcher online program. As you all know I've been joining and quitting ww since I was 16. 17 long years. I have never used the online method before. I currently just pay week to week.

My reasoning for trying the online method:
- Cost (currently pay $15 a week-online is $17.95 a month)
- Convenience (weigh at home, on my schedule)
- Haven't attended meetings in a while anyway.
- Location is now in grocery store-lots of temptation.
- Kelly has to take around 3 months off so perfect time to try this way.

I'm getting really excited about this now. I will post pics of my weigh in here on my blog so that I am still accountable in a way to you guys.

I have sorta been a wreck this week. I had the fight with my stepfather, we are still not speaking to the in-laws, I've gotten dentistry done yesterday, last Monday and next Monday is my last appointment, I'm on my period, and we just found out yesterday that Kelly has to have open-heart surgery on Friday. I've been eating (lots).

Its one of those times when you know you should be reading, exercising, having hot baths, anything to bury your head away from the stress but all you want to do is eat. I can't help it-this is me. For the longest time I haven't dealt in this way. When one thing happens I can go for a walk and let it go but when 5-6 things happen it feels like too much.
I'm really nervous and scared for Kelly. She has been through so much already. She was diagnosed with MS as 21 and now her heart. It is really unfair for one person to have to deal with so much. The recovery rate is so much longer for her because of her MS-I hope everything runs smoothly for her. They are moving her to a rehabilitation place here and I said I will walk there all the time-it will be a nice walk for me for sure.
Anyways I let myself have some cheese, crackers and chocolate today and I tried not to beat myself up too bad about it. I plan on joining online next Friday and will weigh in on Friday mornings before work.


  1. I loved online when I did it, make sure you go to the forums as well - lots of support there. The online program is very cool, it calculates everything for you and gives you a neat little graph that shows your progress.

  2. You are a good friend, try to focus on the good in yourself and avoid the negativity around you.

    I've never tried WW-but LOVE Sparkpeople and it's FREE! Just a suggestion if you tire of WW. I looked into WW but worrying about calories is enough for me-nevermind points!

  3. I hear wonderful things about the WW Online program so it sounds like a good thing - plus you are already familiar with the program.

    Sorry to hear about Kelly. That has to be so hard :-(

  4. If WW hasn't been working (or if you haven't been working it), Miss S. is right - spark people might be worth checking out. It would be a nice change of pace at least.

    There are some amazing forums here:

    BIG HUGS! I'm sorry life has been tough lately. SOMETHING is always happening, isn't it? Ugh. You get points for recognizing how you're dealing with this and for not usually dealing with things this way. You can do this! Check out those forums for motivation!

  5. Thanks, so much, for the continued support ladies-love you all~