Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A week with progress.

This past weekend I didn't work overtime. We had planned on having a great night of watching crime shows (snapped, cold case, etc) What did we do instead-mostly feel in and out of crappy sleep. It was bad.

On Saturday we went to Saint John to visit Kelly in the Hospital. I made her some cinnamon rolls (as requested) and I made Rodney a birthday cake. Check out my mad decorating skills below-haha. We had a great time and visited like 6 hours. I ate really badly all weekend but have been super on plan yesterday and today.

I had my last dentist appointment yesterday. It went horribly. I guess I had a filling from the 80's-90's that needed to be extracted. For some reason it wouldn't go right so I was in the chair for over an hour. It didn't really hurt but that doesn't matter to me-the whole process was a complete nightmare. Dentistry is something that would be in my version of hell-I hate it on a good day so I was a little shaken up by this. The inside of my cheek on that side is really sore and inflamed still-the bright side is that it is over and I only have my cleaning in 6 months to worry about.
I joined Weight Watchers online on Friday so I will weight myself on Friday mornings and hopefully the rest of the week will make up for my crazy weekend. I am really impressed with the online site so far. I don't really know what I was expecting but its super easy to use and I've already made a recipe from the tons they have on there. I made Baked Broccoli Macaroni and it makes 8 servings @ 5pts each. I had it last night on the side of Chicken Breast.The website has places to track the points, activity, etcAnd you can look up tons of recipes based on points, meals, etcHere is my desk with the remnant's from my afternoon snack, a orange. I have my index cards all ready to write down some more recipes. I have to slowly build up my ingredient list to have more variety-it can be so expensive to get things you don't usually use but once you get them they last a while.
I'm feeling really motivated now and yesterday and today I did my walk and got in all my water plus more than called for. Please oh please let me have a loss on Friday-I will post a pic of my scale either way :)


  1. It's good to see a post from you, Candace! I really, really hope that you make WW online work for you. :) The recipes sound great, and the progress-tracking looks neat.

    Choose to succeed!

  2. Yeah! I hope WW works for you. I promise not to LC btw-I think I was more thinking out loud. haha

  3. Some of that junk in my trunk is going to you Missy! LOL! I found the bodybugg in the pile and will track down your address again and get it out to you. SORRY for the delay!!!

    I am a slackalacker!

  4. Glad your liking ww online so far...good luck for Friday's weigh in!