Sunday, April 18, 2010

The weekend rant

Well this weekend wasn't too exciting. Thankfully Kelly's surgery went well on Friday. We were really nervous cause it was supposed to be a couple of hours but we still hadn't heard anything by 6pm. I called the Hospital to get some info and the nurse said they didn't have a patient by that name-talk about scary-then she finally figured out they did and she was nasty on the phone. Bedside manner? Not so much.

I went in for overtime on Friday and felt crappy all night-so hard when you get no sleep. Came home to catch some sleep and planned on visiting Kelly. She couldn't have visitors due to some bleeding so we just hung out at the mall for a bit.

Cole finally had it out with his mother on the phone Saturday. His sister was all up in his face on facebook and we were seriously tired of it so he wrote them an email they wrote back, he finally called. The verdict? We sorta forgave them but we know now they are sorta crazy. She would say something to Cole and when he would respond she would say I didn't say that. Its actually really scary.

We know our relationship with them will never be the same and I think we have come to terms with that. For years I would do, do, do for them and in the last 6 months or so I scaled back because it was getting to be unappreciated and it wasn't reciprocal. I don't give to get by no means but lets give you an example :

We were constantly bringing her up things I baked at work. If I made a pie we would bring up a couple of pieces for her and her co-workers with some Tim's coffee. She would thank me of course but then one week our car broke down so we had it in the shop and Cole called her at work one night and asked her to drop us off two coffees and he would pay her for them. She said yes. About 20 minutes after she was due he called her and she was already home-said she couldn't get the coffee cause she had no money.

This is constant with her. She will come to our place with coffee for herself and none for us. We really wouldn't care except when we go to her place she asks where the coffee is. It truly is a weird parent-child relationship. Whenever my mother and I are together she is constantly wanting to do for me, buy me things, etc but Cole's mother wants to be pampered all the time. For every occasion we will get the family member a present but I will also bake their favorite dessert or cookie and then I don't even get a call from any of them this year, even his sister who we weren't even fighting with.

On the phone she even said you never bring me things to work anymore-honestly people I can't really believe someone would have the nerve. She has NEVER brought us a thing-EVER-you would think she would not even bring it up. When she is on facebook talking about something she made Cole would joke around and say drop us off some and she never does, its really weird.

It did get a big weight off my chest though to have it somewhat resolved. We haven't spoken to his sister yet-she said a lot of hurtful, classless things on facebook and told Cole to have a nice life and now that he is sorta made up with his parents she writes on her wall-I wish you would call-life is too short-haha-not too short when you are calling us down to the dirt.

I am really happy that Cole is finally seeing his family for who they really are now. I saw things about them before but I didn't really realize how childish they were. We plan to still see them for occasions and stuff but we aren't doing for them anymore.

Mom called and said Jerry wanted to talk to me to apologize but I didn't want to hear it yet at least. She said he thinks its his pills and he is making an appointment with another Dr but I said its really weird that he always freaks at me and no one else if it is the pills. She said she isn't making excuses for him. I think she's just not quite ready to give up on him yet. We will have to see.

My aunt's and Mom, and maybe my brothers family are planning on coming here for a week in June. We have to work but it will still be fun. It will suck majorly for Cole who has to sleep days. I pray he gets a day shift sometime soon.

I think having my family visit with remotivate my diet-at least between now and than-haha.

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  1. We have a similiar situation with a family member who doesnt't acknowledge any gifts that are sent. It takes ALL the fun out of doing something nice IMHO. Glad you got some resolution but it still sucks. His sister sounds a lot like his mom...