Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My week and some great websites.

This week is going pretty slow. I've been doing pretty awesome with eating and exercising this week. On Sunday Cole & I went for an hour and 1/2 long walk. Then in the afternoon my friend Madison came over and we walked for 3 hours. My whole body ached that night and the next day.

I've done a few workouts on the Wii Fit and walked twice more. Hopefully it will show up at my weigh in. We still haven't spoken to the in-laws so we had a pretty low key Easter. We went to Swiss Chalet on Sat and just had our leftovers later.

I bought Cole a bunch of sweets and he bought me a Choc bunny and magazines. My bunny is still only missing its ears so I think I'm doing pretty good-haha.

We plan on having our friends Kelly & Rodney over for supper on Friday to celebrate her birthday-I can't wait-they are so fun to hang out with and we'll end up playing the Wii for sure, so fun.

I've been listening to a new podcast called Nutrition Diva - I must say I'm quite impressed. The podcasts are short but very knowledgeable with facts about such topics as fiber, water, sodium, etc.

She also points out websites like My Pyramid - This site has a wealth of knowledge about dietary guidelines for individuals. Another great site she mentioned is Nutrition Data - really helps you learn how to read food labels and to really understand the importance of choosing certain foods over others.


  1. I just downloaded her podcast but have yet to listen to it. Now I will for sure. Have you listened to Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone with Carla Mizfit and Shauna from the Dietgirl book? It is good! They have done 10 to date. You should check it out.

    Looking forward to seeing what your weigh in says. I am going home tonight to do my Wii Fit for the 1st time! Can't wait!!

  2. Good job on only eating the ears. I have not brought one piece of chocolate candy into my house this Easter. The candy I bought for my nieces' baskets were all fruity candy, which, of course, I'm not tempted by.

    I'm glad you're feeling better about everything. I am going to download the Nutrition Diva podcast, and see if it helps me as well.

  3. I listen to nutrition diva too. Another good one is "yell at your fat" but i think that the host may have given up doing it- there is about 16 episodes though. and they are so funny!

  4. Awesome everyone-thanks so much~

  5. Cool! Thanks for the websites!