Friday, April 9, 2010

Dieting for the weekend~

I lost 2.4pds~My Wii Fit weighed me at 4pds less so I was a tad disappointed. I really don't know what I need to do to lose really big. I was talking to Kelly and while I'm really excited to have a loss it does get frustrating.

The thing is I gave up all pop years ago. I eat only whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice. I sit at my desk at work all week long eating baby carrots, grapes, honeydew, cucumbers. There is so much prep in the food I eat.

You would think with all this and all the exercise I did this week for a woman over 200 pds I could get a big number. I have never gotten a really big number.

People say don't worry about it-you are supposed to lose in a slow and steady manner but just once, only one time I would be so happy.
I don't expect to lose all my weight in a short time but it seems that I'll plateau every couple of pounds or so-I hardly ever have good losses two weeks in a row, etc.

I'm doing overtime again this weekend-saving for a wedding can be so boring-haha~


  1. I'm like you Candace...I'm a slow loser - I fee like I have maintenance licked though...LOL.

    Hang in'll get there - we both will@!

  2. Great job on the loss! Maybe you can up your protein? I have no idea-may your WW leader may have a suggestion, but I'd say that's a great pace.

  3. Dude I hear ya... 58 lbs. in 66 weeks...

  4. I have discovered that for some people, myself included, to have a big loss, you have to be a machine. Like eat practically nothing and exercise for at least an hour of hard cardio a day. And most people can't keep that up.

    You're doing great, though. Just think about how much these 2 lbs a week losses will have added up to in a year!