Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wii Workout

Today I decided to use my stress and had a killer workout on the Wii Fit. I set it up so that it would let me know once I reached 400 calories. For anyone who has used a Wii Fit you know that it feels like they do an underestimate-haha.

I'll be killing myself hula-hooping and its only like 13 calories. So now I am sore all over and I really feel like it worked me hard-even my eyelids were sweating.

I'm doing overtime again this weekend-can't complain cause I want the money but its getting old-haha-or maybe I am.

Going to Saint John to visit Kelly after her operation on Saturday-can't wait to see her-the surgery is tomorrow at 8am-please send your prayers.

I'm going to join the online version of ww next Friday morning-please know I am not weighing myself this week only for my own sanity-though the Wii gave me a hint and I didn't like it-haha.


  1. I love Hula Hooping! It is fun but I was sore too. Gotta love the Wii and it says "You are OBESE" well thanks for letting me know!"

    How far are you from Victoria BC? We are going to be there in early August.

    I am still a slacker but I will get it together one of these days to get you your bugg. :(

  2. I am super far from bc-would love to visit some day though-yeah I'm obese too-what a bitch that mii can be-haha.

  3. Wow..I've had allot of catching up to do! Sorry to hear about the prob.with your SF and inlaws. That is stressful. Sounds like your handling well though! WW online is long as you use it ;) (My

    Sending super healthy vibes to Kelly :)